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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by gonavy, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Hey Insight gurus...

    While doing some research I noticed that the California/green state 03-06 Insight CVT has a pollution score of 9, making it SULEV II.

    The 03-06 manual tranny scores a 3, which doesn't even register as LEV I for light duty vehicles.

    The test regime for emissions is the same data set as for MPG testing. All I can think of is the CVT will rev higher while cold, heating up the cat more quickly to bring it into compliance, while the manual is at the mercy of the driver?

    Any insight as to the discrepancy with the Insight?

    Insightcentral gave me some of the answer- lean burn in the MT, but I'm not sure of the chemistry behind this... other than less fuel-->lower temps (longer cat heating) and more O2--> higher NOx production relative to stoiciometric burn?
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  2. Chuck

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    Depends on What You are Looking at

    The 5-speed Insight creates the least amount of greenhouse gases of any gas vehicle on today's market. Credit the lean burn. The 5-speed Insight also produces a high amount of NO2 - blame the lean burn. For this reason, California either does not give the 5-speed Insight a hybrid credit, sell it or both. Last year on a trip to northern California, I saw Prius', hybrid Civics, but no Insights. :(

    The Insight CVT does not have lean burn, so it does not have the NO2 rap. It also has FE no better than the Prius or 2006 HCH. It does generate more greenhouse gases than the 5-speed....
  3. gonavy

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    thanks! I had forgotten about the lean-burn not being available on CVT

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