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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by tbaleno, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. AfterBurner_1

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    Hi All, have been keeping an eye on this site for a while. thought i might sign up and see what some vehicles i'm looking at purchasing are able to get with gentle driving.

    I currently run a Toyota Camry SXV20R CSX (XLE in the US) that's running dual fuel. that is to say LPG and 98 RON Petrol. on LPG (gas) i'm maintaining an average of 11.4L/100km. as I predominantly drive on LPG, i switch to Petrol once i've depleted my Gas tank and carry on which helps me to get around the Fuel Price cycle Spikes, where in sometimes the difference can be more than 60c a litre.

    at this point i've got almost 9000kms from the one tank of petrol. when ido run it out and do the calculation i'll let you know what it woks out to be.
  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Welcome to cleanmpg ! Where are you located ?
  3. garyk

    garyk Member

    Hello all! I'm driving a 2004 Jetta TDI wagon. I have great terrain around here for practicing pulse and glide (pulse and "glidle" as I don't turn of the ICE). I'm getting pretty good mileage, but I at times share the car with my wife, and I think the scan gauge gets confused as it's all over the place. When I get a "tank to myself" I will get in the 50's (best ever was just last month at 59 and just squeaked into the 1000 mile club at TDIclub :Banane34:). Put 17.03 gallons into my 14.5 gallon tank at then end ;)

    I'm hoping to refine my pulse and glide techniques and will post some questions on maybe a diesel thread, or start one of my own (mostly on acceleration rate "debate" and choosing whether to P and G in a higher gear or lower gear with lower speed, and how long to glide in some settings). I'm also hoping to talk scan gauge a bit, as it seems pretty confused not just by dual driver, but during different types of pulses (hits 9999, I"m guessing that's how it adjust to my calibration factor, but does not choose these 9999 spots randomly, its usually during pulses, not steady speed driving!). Anyway, glad to meet you all and looking forward to some discussion!
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Welcome, garyk. You must be one of the few guys at TDI club who is interested in fuel efficiency ! I see you have done a few mods , but I do like the higher 5th gear. Not sure why the 2" lift , but then I never go off-road. I have heard the Scangauge has a few "quirks" with TDI's , but a TDI member here could tell you better than I.
  5. garyk

    garyk Member

    Yes thanks. There's actually quite a few interested folks there (a distinct minority to be sure), but a lot of disagreement about what's safe and what actually works. but I do think the scan gauge hampers understanding in my own TDI. Still overall helpful but if I'm trying to compare P and G to something else, the fact that the 9999 hits on my pulses is quite disturbing :eyebrow:. I need to check around there a bit more about that. I thought pulse and glide questions might be more fruitful here though.

    I do have quite a bit of snow driving and some poorly maintained roads, 1 cracked oil pain and a couple of painful shoveling episodes led me to the 2" lift. It's been great for not getting stuck!
  6. garyk

    garyk Member

    Cracked oil "pan", though works either way :eek:
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  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Mike Sefton has a Golf TDI and I believe he also has a Scangauge. Maybe he can chime in with some specific advice.
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  8. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    That's just its way of telling you you're getting infinite miles per gallon, i.e., zero fuel consumption. That's normal. On some Hondas and Toyotas, when it SHOULD do that, it will instead show 0.02 gallons per hour (or a mpg figure equal to your speed divided by .02 GPH), or in other circumstances show whatever the figure was just before injection shut off.
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  9. garyk

    garyk Member

    Thanks but this is something different. I definitely get the 9999 when coasting in gear, which makes sense as the fuel flow is shut off. This other 9999 happens sporadically during acceleration (including the pulse in my pulse and glide). I think it's the scan-gauge's way of correcting for the calibration factor I have put in, or just a glitch with the way it monitors TDI. It seems to only occur when pulsing or otherwise accelerating at a decent load, however. I've noticed if I do a slow, careful pulse, taking a long time to get up to speed, that it won't do it. It also doesn't seem to do it just driving in a steady state. Obviously the problem it makes for me is that I dont' feel I can accurately judge whether a brisker pulse is better for fuel economy than a slower pulse, since it seems the more aggressive pulses give artificially inflated overall fuel economy numbers as a decent chunk of the pulse is eaten up with a "9999".

    Right now I'm trying more like the gentler pulses I've seen recommended for TDIs here (70-80 LOD reading goal), and my scan gauge numbers look worse (when comparing same 15 mile trips), BUT if I look at overall how fast the fuel gauge is falling, it looks better than the old way! No matter what of course the actual fuel used is what matters most, but its a little harder to do tank to tank comparisons and be sure that the pulses were what made the difference, than it is to do "on the fly" shorter time frame comparisons using scan gauge.

    I'd worry similarly that if I tried to compare a steady state, driving with load kind of deal (which some seem to think is as good or better for the TDI than P and G), the pulse and glide would look artificially better given the 9999's during pulses... I think based on tank to tank comparisons that P and G does better for my commutes, but it'd be nice to be able to judge on the fly, and I dont' feel I can do that with this glitch/correction/whatever it is...

    Well, that's my sad scan gauge story :)
  10. garyk

    garyk Member

    I'll start a new thread so not hijacked...
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  11. CTGull

    CTGull Member

    Hi All:

    First post. Hoping to learn some mew things and discuss fuel efficient automobiles.

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  12. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Welcome , Dave. You have a great car there and should be able to achieve some very nice numbers. I had an 08 Civic for seven years and it was excellent.
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  13. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    I recently became a member of Cleanmpg.com a few days ago. Been watching the site for a few years or so. I had quite a list of fuel efficient vehicles, At 17 in 1968 I had a 1961 Ford Falcon 6 cylinder with three speed manual on the column. My first new car was a 1977 VW Diesel, Rabbit 2 door C, no ac/no power steering / etc, base model. Then a 1985 Jetta 4 dr Turbo diesel 5 speed manual. The Diesels really delivered incredible fuel economy 50 plus mpg. Diesel fuel back then seemed to have more BTU's per gallon then today. Then in 1993 I needed a new vehicle and diesel car importation halted to a trickle. VW no longer had new diesel cars for sale.

    So in Oct. 1993 I traded my 1985 Jetta with 170,000 miles for a 1994 Honda Civic VX model (5 speed manual), the rare one that EPA was 55 mpg highway. This was a great car and over 50 mpg was easy in the summer. Winter was usually mid to high 40's mpg. Had well over 200,000 miles and gave the civic to my dad has I then bought a brand new 2003 VW Jetta wagon GL TDI (Diesel) with the 5 speed manual. Great car as well, 50 mpg easy to obtain. Then my wife and I bought a brand new 2010 Prius III in May 2009. My wife drove the Prius as she can't drive easily a manual transmission. Sold the VW Jetta wagon to my brother later after my wife and I purchased our 2014 Volt in Oct. 2013. So my wife drives the 2014 Volt, we have a 240 volt charger for it, and I now drive the 2010 Prius with 135,000 miles now on it. My brother still drives the Jetta Wagon now pushing 165,000 miles and still getting great mpg's.

    I don't know what our next ride will be. The 2016 Prius does not pass the look test. Fords hybrids don't really get that great mpg. The 2016 Volt looks good, 42 mpg on reg gas avg
    and a 50 + mile pure electric range is hard to beat. I see that Hyndai has a few hybrids and plug in hybrids for 2017 that have perked my interest.
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  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Nice list of rides , alster. Welcome aboard.
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  15. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

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  16. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    I have to admit that the 2010 Prius that we purchased in May of 2009 is probably one of the best cars I had ever owned. We never had any problems with it until we realized the CD player did not work. I never used it and my wife used other electronic devices for music which is far better than a CD player so I don't really know when it stopped working. I change the oil every 10,000 miles with a factory Toyota oil filter and Mobil One top grade synthetic oil 0w20 weight. I put 4 quarts in and nearly 4 quarts comes out 10,000 miles later. I had the spark plugs replaced at about 108,000 miles, Nippendenso Iridum plugs. The ones that came out could probably have gone another 100,000 miles, hard to believe when I remember as a kid cleaning and gaping my spark plugs in my 61 Ford Falcon straight six cylinder engine, as well as regularly replacing the points and condensor. Anybody remember those shade tree summer time tuneups back then? MPG is alway 45 plus mpg even during a 40 degree rain laden Seaside Oregon winter. Its real easy to alway get well over 50 even 55 mpg in real world driving in the summer. The engine has no belts and a timing chain for long life as well. The 2016 Prius Eco was the one I was looking at for a possible replacement but the looks are not quite there in my opinion. I know Toyota could have done better. The MPG's at 56 mpg average will be hard to beat by any hybrid car manufacuturer.
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  17. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Alster:

    You are doing your due diligence for your next ride.

    The 16 Prius' should be out in just a few days so make sure you place some time in th eseat befroe saying no. A lot of improvmenmts nad it looks better in person. just my opinion.

    And the Hyundai stuff? Wow. Especially the upcoming IONIQ if you can wait half a year or more. ;)

    Welcome aboard too.

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  18. Lee Moon

    Lee Moon Member

    Just joined the site today after visiting for a few years. Have also been participating on the Facebook page lately. This is an awesome community and I've been enjoying the benefits of all this collective knowledge.

    After graduating from college in 1981, I bought my first new car. It was a 1982 Honda Prelude. Loved that car so much!

    Traded it in on a 1984 Nissan 300ZX. Bought a 1985 Nissan 300ZX with t-tops and the digital instrumentation the following year. I kept the 1985 for about 15 years and thoroughly enjoyed owning it despite having it in the shop for various problems outside of regular service.

    Got a used 1997 Mercury Mystique in 2000. That was actually a fun little sedan.

    I returned to the Honda fold in 2009 when I purchased a 2008 Honda Civic Coupe. I'd actually been watching the Honda CR-Z concept car and thought I'd want that car when it was available. Until then, I tried to drive the Civic efficiently in order to train myself for eventually getting a hybrid.

    August 24th, 2010: I traded the Civic in on a brand new Honda CR-Z EX/Navigation with CVT. I've never been more happy with a car than with this one. As my salesperson says when I take the Z in for scheduled maintenance, "that car was made for you." And I'd agree. I've always been attracted to smaller cars, especially coupes. The CR-Z is an awesome little car with excellent handling and easily beats the Civic with respect to fuel economy. I'm approaching 77,000 miles on it with nothing other than routine maintenance (taken care of at my local Honda dealership) and keeping an eye on things myself (tire pressure, fluid level checks, etc.)
    Even though it's not in the same league as most other hybrids, I still get respectable fuel economy from it: 43.93 mpg. I've kept a spreadsheet of all my fill ups since day one and calculate my FE at the pump rather than trust the trip computer displays (they are close most of the time.) My worst tank has been a touch under 37 mpg and the best was a little over 63 mpg. For my first hybrid, I'm way more than thrilled with these results.

    I also picked up a used 2010 Honda Insight EX (no Navi) in 2012 for times when I needed more carrying capacity. Once I retired, I gifted the Insight to my mom who is currently enjoying the car and has learned to drive much more efficiently than she ever has. We regularly talk about our fuel economy and driving styles. The Insight was an excellent choice and I could have lived with owning that car as my only vehicle if the CR-Z wasn't a little more fun. :)

    A lot of credit goes to the information I've picked up from visiting this site. Thank you all for helping me improve my driving and car ownership!
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  19. Lee Moon

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  20. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the board, I know how you feel on little cars. My favorite was my first new car a Volvo 242 GLT Turbo (2900lbs). I loved that little car with its 2.1L four banger. The second in likes is my present Prius. Oh I've owned larger cars but they did nothing to quicken the heart. My sister had a Saab Sonnet that I absolutely loved to drive. The problem was it was built for people six foot or less in height and I'm six foot four inches. So I would always end up with a black and blue left knee from hitting the dash while depressing and releasing the clutch.
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