Ultragauge-- How to really use it

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by Toyotahyper88, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. gdsmit1

    gdsmit1 Well-Known Member

    Yep, the rebate was a pain. I ended up sitting in the driveway with my laptop to complete it. I'd have skipped it entirely if I had to write those numbers down first.
  2. FSUspectra

    FSUspectra Practicing true conservatism!

    Eh, I didn't think the rebate process was too bad. Did it in about 10-12 minutes the night I received it. I sent the rebate out the next day, and it was credited to my Paypal about 4 days ago.
  3. gdsmit1

    gdsmit1 Well-Known Member

    If there weren't 38 hex pairs to put on the form, it wouldn't be bad. I'll find out how timely the rebate process is, I'll send it out tomorrow.
  4. clayton4115

    clayton4115 Active Member

    I have just bought this UG and have noticed the trip times are way off in my toyota camry hybrid, for example a 10 minute trip the trip computer on Ultra-Gauge will show 7 minutes, is this perhaps due to the engine shutting off in the periods where the car was idling at traffic lights and coasting down hills etc? and it does not record these events on the trip time?

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