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    OK, I'll admit it. I'm a fan of the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters show.

    For fun, let's think of what the shows hosts, Jamie & Adam could try.

    I propose that the Mythbusters do a segment that would cover all of the disputed facts about fuel economy, vehicle set-up, and driving techniques.

    They already covered the truck tailgate up/down myth. I was surprised by the outcome - up was better for FE.

    Not too long ago, someone started a similar thread on Discovery's message boards, but it was hijacked and locked.

    Now, let's see what they could test or blow -up!

    How about the maximum safe tire inflation, is it what the auto manufacturer recommends or max sidewall?
    They could inflate a tire until failure - KABOOM!

    Try out all the "snake oils"... They could do a controlled test of adding acetone/methanol/nitromethane to gasoline and see what improvement they get. Or see if the fuel system corrodes or decays from the additive. Keep adding more until they fry a few pistons.

    Test a few aero mods. Air dams, ricer wings, wheel skirts. Does premium fuel give added power or better FE? Are certain cars designed for better FE at higher speeds? Do you get more fuel in your tank if you refuel during the coolest part of the day?

    Will an aftermarket air filter give any increase in FE, as so many advertise? Is a engine block heater worth any savings? Does the "Turbonator" work? Rare earth magnets wrapped around the fuel lines to align the fuel molecules? Water injection into the intake? Is an off-brand of gas just as good as the major brands? Is it best to accelerate quickly to criuse speed or slowly gain speed for best FE? Does having an instantanuous MPG readout encourage better driving habits? Mothballs dropped in your fuel tank increases octane? Octane = better FE? Does tailgating make the driver ahead speed up or slow down? Better FE with A/C on/off - windows up/down.

    It goes on and on.

    Now, how can they make this entertainment for everyone?

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