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    This is good if you are considering changing your wheel or tire sizes to increase fuel economy and want to know how far off your speedometer or odometer will be.


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    A Word of Caution:

    This, and many other tire calculators, do not factor in that the rolling diameter of a tire is about 97% of the overall (freestanding) diameter. As a result, their revs per mile are typically off 3%.

    This affects many other calculations, especially when they do gearing and MPH calculations.

    But for comparing tire sizes, the error is small enough to ignore.
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    Out of the blue, I came across this really old thread discussing tire size comparisons if people want to change their car's tire sizes. Yes, when I changed to larger tire diameters (& widths) for my cars, I used tiresize.com & was very happy with their results. Because of the unusual way tire sizes are defined & measured, websites comparing tire diameters are necessary to help fit tires of other than OE sizes, so your fitments should & will be acceptable to your car. Fortunately for me, my mechanic of 26+ years also helped make sure that my selected over-sized tires did fit my cars, making me very happy.
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