US National Parks 7-Day pass?

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    Hi All:

    ___I have been working on a cross country event over the past two weeks and it looks like it may all finally be coming together.

    ___The reason for the post is this: Does anyone know anything about the 7-Day National Parks Pass? For Hikers, bicyclists, Mopeds and Motorcycles, the National Park Service appears to be charging $10 for a 7-day pass. Is this pass only good for the one national park or any of them over a 7-day period? I would like to ride Pikes Peak and possibly visit Grand Canyon, some of the National parks in Utah or even Yosemite/Yellowstone on the way across.

    ___Details of the parks pricing seem a little cryptic as the National Park system mentions nothing about a $10 7-day pass whereas the Pikes Peak National Park mentions it specifically but does not say if it’s also good for the park only, the 4-state region or the nation? I just wanted to get some input before I begin planning a route for later this spring/early summer.

    ___Thanks in advance


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