Top line Garmin 3700t series

Discussion in 'Smartphones and GPS Navigation' started by Keen4Green, May 10, 2010.

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    A good start would be a direct link to a *manual* at Garmin's
    site, which I can't find. I wouldn't buy a Nuvi without being
    able to see if they've fixed some of the overall product-line
    problems beforehand.
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    Hi Keen4Green:

    Maybe someday but I am bad about getting these reviews out...

    That is the most frustrating thing about the NUVI's and it is in their top of the line (former anyway) 1690 and 1690T's. The USB PC based cable causes it to lock up unless your quick and the std. 12V cigarette adapter/ power cable allows it to work just fine.

    With the 5" screen, the 1690 has more room for real estate and has elevation data as well as speed, distance ahead to the next turn, direction of the turn and the name of that street to turn on… And one other that I really appreciate. That is Lane Assist. When traveling in a very dense urban area, being in the proper lane for a turn is paramount. I have accidently completed loops in NY City with lesser OEM Automobile NAVI units (Toyota Denso and BMW’s whoever) without this important feature that is now a mainstay with the most of Garmin's middle and higher end products. I am taking the NUVI (NUVI means it has a Linux based back end vs. the crap Windows CE OS behind the non-NUVI Garmin’s) across the country on the WR250X project bike in a few months and we’ll get a much better feel for it than I have today.

    Good Luck


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