2010 Golf TDI blog and observations

Discussion in 'Diesel powered automobiles' started by seftonm, May 5, 2010.

  1. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I like it! That looks like a Golf TDI's native habitat. :D
  2. peacefrog_0521

    peacefrog_0521 Raj Against The Machine

    Hi Mike - I was thumbing through the thread and it seems like winter went by pretty fast. Can you give us an impression of how much the winter mpg drops compared to summer mpg?

  3. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Hi Raj, this image probably describes it better than I can:

  4. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Haven't updated in a while. Had the 20k mile service done a few weeks ago, they said the water pump was leaky so it was replaced. My first problem with the car, and looking over at tdiclub, seems a few other people have had that issue as well. Also had a software update done, the car seems to drive a little smoother at low rpms now and is a bit more resilient against stalling.

    Winter tires are on and grille is blocked, mpg is dropping too with the increased rolling resistance and slower warm up. There isn't any diesel smell when the cat and stuff warm up, but from a cold start it's definitely still there. Was 15F or so the other day and needed to move the car on short notice with no time to plug in. After getting out, the diesel smell was definitely lingering in the air. First time I've smelled anything from my car.

    Spotted my car's twin the other day when out shopping. Never seen another dark blue Golf TDI until now.
  5. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    A few updates, one thing I don't like about this car (and newer cars in general) is the visibility. The high beltline and thicker A-pillars are probably required for modern safety standards but I miss the large areas of glass of older vehicles. One recent thing I did to help a little was install the Euro blind-spot mirrors. They're apparently common on the European versions but unfortunately we don't get them here. It takes some getting used to but I like them so far.


    And after a winter with a shortage of diesel across the prairies and high diesel prices as a result (notice the sudden spike around October), production finally seems to be catching up and prices are stabilizing a little. It seems to be back on par with gasoline, which is where I usually expect it to be this time of year.

  6. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Journalist Peter Cheney has a Golf TDI that he is taking on a road trip to see how it compares to a hybrid:
    Which converts to 38mpg at 76mpg.

    Earlier in the week he averaged 3.9l/100km (60.31mpg) over 307km just driving.
  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    What would a Prius give at 76 mph ? I thought at one time that I would be happy if I had a car that would give 50 mpg at 80 mph. Today , I know that same car would give much better results at 50-60 mph . I changed.
  8. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    That wide angle mirror is a neat idea.
  9. Ophbalance

    Ophbalance Administrator Staff Member

    Somewhere in the 40's. The drop off is pretty steep once you climb above 60-65 MPH. This is Gen II numbers, not sure on the Gen III.
  10. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    That's great to hear about Peter getting 60+ mpg over a good distance. The car can really perform when it's driven in its sweet spot. With warmer temps now, my car is doing much better than a few months ago.
  11. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Mike:

    I am seeing diesel about $0.15 to $0.25 less than 87 unleaded here in Illinois. Does Canada experience the same winter/summer price swap for diesel to gasoline in Winnipeg?

    Also, what did your 20K service cost besides the free warranty repair on the water pump.

    Mike Sirach, cruising at 75 mph and averaging 75 mph are two very different things. Did he say which?

    Here is a 2012 Elantra GLS while flying and to get that average speed over 250 miles, there were a few miles on a closed track at 100 + mph and pushing 5 to 10 mph over for most of the rest.

    Was at 74 mph avg over 250 miles until running into this…​

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  12. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Hi Wayne, I think most of the country is pretty much like Winnipeg with diesel higher in winter but lower in summer. Remember that this winter was abnormally bad because a refinery exploded creating a diesel shortage. Usually diesel is around 5¢/L higher in the winter and 5¢/L cheaper in the summer.

    The service was $170 total. $65 for the oil and filter, $45 for the fuel filter, and $60 for the labor and various inspections. I thought I was all set to change the oil myself the week before and ended up not having my tools here, so I just got them to do that too while it was in. First time I've had a dealer do my oil in a long time.

    I've done a few road trips with cruise set at an indicated 80-85mph (high 70's actual) with mid to high 30's mpg. So Peter's numbers seem reasonable to me.
  13. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Error on my part. It was 38mpg at 75 mph.
  14. OriEri

    OriEri David

    I need a plot summary of the DSG implementation into the Jetta. I lost my faithful 2001 TDI to a collision and am considering a 2009 6 speed DSG vice going all electric. 2009 was one of the early years for the Jetta DSG. I know about the mystery shift into neutral, but this is a dealer certified "pre-loved" car so presumably all company offered maintenance/upgrades have been implemented.

    I also note that the EPA rating on this vehicle is 29 city/40 highway, which surprised me by being a tad lower than its colleagues. Any explanation for this?

    So, is there anything I should look out for or consider before dropping 18 large on this?
  15. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Hi OriEri, sorry to hear about your 2001. The EPA rating on the TDIs seems to underestimate its true efficiency and it seems to return several mpg better than similarly rated gasoline cars. The false neutral / mechatronics issues are the big ones I know of with the DSG, if it's used then the problem may have already been looked after by the previous owner. I'm not sure how they are long-term.

    Saving money with a Jetta TDI DSG may be difficult to do. I would say buy it because you like the car first, not because you want something cheap to run. I'm not sure how fuel prices are in your area but if diesel is more expensive than gasoline that may eat into much of the mpg advantage this car has over other compacts. And the DSG requires rather pricey fluid changes every 40k miles that most cars or the manual TDI wouldn't need. Just keep that in mind, it may be worth asking the dealer what those services will cost you. And with all common rail TDIs, I recommend using a lubricity additive. It makes the fuel pump's life a little easier.
  16. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Not much new to report. I got a letter the other day from VW that said something like "service campaign". I was worried I would have to take the car in for a recall or something. I opened it up and instead found some bright yellow stickers. I don't have to be quite as concerned now to make sure the car gets filled properly if I lend it out to a friend.

  17. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Mike:

    To funny :D

  18. herm

    herm Well-Known Member


    They should also put some graphics to let you know not to drink it or get in your eyes. Gasoline and gazole look similar, it could confuse a Quebecqian.
  19. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Got ready for another winter over the weekend by putting the winter tires on and blocking off the grille.

    I did an upgrade over the summer which I haven't really shared yet. American Golfs can get HIDs but we can only get HIDs on the GTIs here. I decided to pick up some replica GTI projector headlights and put some HIDs in a few months ago. So far it's been a nice upgrade.

    New headlight assembly

    New HID vs old halogen
  20. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Oooh! Shiny! They look a bit like Darth Vader's fighter. :D

    Thank you for not just plopping HID bulbs into the regular housing. I'm seeing more and more of those and HATE the blinding glare! :mad:

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