TomTom GPS Navigation is now even better!

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    [​IMG] New XL IQ Routes edition2 provides cutting-edge navigation in a user-friendly package.

    [fimg=left][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 31, 2010

    TomTom XL IQ Routes Ed 2 Menu.

    TomTom has made effortless navigation even more sophisticated with the new XL IQ Routes edition2. This successor to the award-winning TomTom XL IQ Routes edition sports a new simplified menu, along with features such as advanced lane guidance, spoken street names, Map Share and of course IQ Routes.

    The XL IQ Routes edition2 comes with a whole range of relevant features. To calculate the optimum route, TomTom’s innovative IQ Routes technology uses real historic car speed measurements from the roads, plus analysis of the time and day of travel. This can save time, as well as money and fuel.

    Via the large 11cm (4.3”) touch screen drivers can access the new simplified start menu, which now features just two options – ‘Plan route’ or ‘Browse map’. This makes it even easier to get going on the road.

    Advanced lane guidance is also included, making light work of particularly complex junctions. This feature displays all of the lanes on the device, showing clearly which one driver should take – and helping to make navigation simpler and even more effortless. The spoken street names feature, meanwhile, also helps drivers keep their eyes on the road as the name of the turning they need is spoken out loud.

    TomTom also helps drivers navigate with the best quality map at all times. If a new map has been released within 30 days of first using their device, TomTom’s latest map guarantee lets drivers download it once for free via TomTom HOME. And with built-in Map Share technology, drivers can make corrections to their map and download free corrections made by millions of other drivers in the TomTom community.

    Importantly, the new XL IQ Routes edition2 is also fully compatible with TomTom’s standard RDS-TMC Traffic service, which transmits traffic information to the device and then plans an alternative route when one is available.

    Availability and pricing

    The TomTom XL IQ Routes edition2 will be available from beginning of April with a recommended retail price of $210 USD for UK & Ireland and $240 USD for Western Europe.


    If there was ever a need for a new User Interface, The current TomTom is it. With a confusing menu structure including menu’s buried deep within substructures, the new interface should be a vast improvement.

    Expect to see Edition2 SW in US TomTom GPS’ before the end of the year.
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    I'm a total tom tom fan.
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    Why don't they work on a system to find the cheapest gas station in the area? If they can send the data with the traffic data, then it's just a matter of programming.

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