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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by Chuck, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. kaufman11

    kaufman11 New Member

    My eyes were really opened to the expanding reach of the Prius when my 63 year old father and loyal GM customer purchased a Prius. It took him awhile to get used to the technology in the car and all the unusual sounds, the engine kicking on and off but now he loves it! I always thought I was the progressive one with my interest in solar energy but it seems my dad has leg up.
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  2. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Tell your dad congrats from everyone here at CleanMPG. It will definitely lessen his "pain at the pump."
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  3. Airbalancer

    Airbalancer Well-Known Member

    My wife is getting upset if the avg mileage gets above 4.5l/100km which is about 52 usgpm
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  4. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    You're lucky you have one that cares! Congrats!
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  5. ctrlaltf

    ctrlaltf New Member

    I recently bought a brand new 2011 Prius.
    So far my record is 69.4 MPG over a 42 mile trip.
    @50 MPH Cruise control ON.
    The only thing I dislike is the reverse beep.
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  6. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    You should ask your dealership to change it to a single beep.

    If they won't or want to charge you for it, wait until you get a ScanGauge or find a friend who has one and change it yourself. :)
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  7. tedjohnson

    tedjohnson Well-Known Member

    First year with 2010 II, mpg was display 57, pump 55 mpg for 20Kmi. Since April it has not had a tank under 60 mpg displayed and usually 62-63mpg. Great car, lots of room , rides nicely, handles great in snow. Highly recommend it.
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  8. waltermlee

    waltermlee Well-Known Member

    I have about 2.5 years on my mileage log for my 2010 Toyota Prius III (aka HyperDrive 1). The fuel efficiency(FE) of each tank varies from about 71 mpg to 44 mpg. In general, wintertime/cold temperatures, bad weather, and going over 55 mph causes the Prius' FE to drop. The Prius ergonomics (esp. nighttime lighting of controls /buttons) isn't as nice as the Honda Insight's or the Ford Fusion Hybrid's but the Prius powerplant and computer drive controls are more sophisticated than its competitors hence it naturally gets better fuel efficiency. The Prius power to weight ratio is low and the battery pack doesn't have enough power to drive the electric motors in hilly driving terrain so on hilly roads Eco mode slows down the Prius without providing any additional FE. In hilly or mountainous roads - Power or Normal mode provides better throttle response and FE isn't that much worst. The Prius FE /MPGs benefits signficantly from the use of Low Rolling Resistant Tires and/or overinflating the Tire Pressure. The Prius MPGs benefits signficantly from grill blocking in wintertime city/urban/slow speed driving environments. The Prius gets from 15 mpg to 30 mpg when trips are less than 3 miles/15 minutes but as the trip length extends to over 7 miles/30 minutes - a conservativelly driven Prius gets more closer to its EPA rating (the warmer and nicer driving environments help alot) and as a trip extends over 10 miles/45 minutes - a hypermiled Prius can start to beat its EPA FE rating. In hilly terrain, the use of hypermiling technique DWL is crucial to maximizing the FE of the 3rd gen Prius. The Prius exterior paint is soft and prone to scratching - white and black are the easiest colors to repaint. The Prius ribbed textured dashboard makes it problematic for any suction cup or adhesive tape to stick/stay on the dashboard. 3rd gen seating is much nicer than the 2nd gen seating. Priuschat FE Competitions suggest that 100% gas gives a hypermiled 3rd gen Prius upto 7% (e.g. up to a 5 mpg) boost over 10% ethanol mixture gas. The rear carpet to the rear cargo bay is easily damaged by heavy metal objects, e.g. metal square shovels, if you plan to carry such objects in a Prius - a rear cargo bay protective liner is a good investment. The Prius 12VDC power plug is limited to 10 amps - go over that with 120VAC inverter and you'll blow out its 15amp fuse - Duracell and Sima make 12vdc -to- 120VAC inverters with a 10 amp limit but they aren't cheap. If you're driving alot in very sunny weather additional UV Tinting would be helpful. Once you hear the first warning beep and see the last bar flash on the 3rd gen Prius your fuel gauge you have abou 2.1 gallons left in the fuel tank.... in the summer when the Prius is getting +70 mpg that means a tank of gas (about 11.5 gallons) can go +800 miles.
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  9. Dorean Clarke

    Dorean Clarke Well-Known Member

    I don't own a Prius but I really want to have one. I feel that it's perfect for women. My first experience was when I was in Georgia. Most of the people there are driving it. So my tour guide has that too and it's cool to ride on it. Interior is great, size is perfect for me.
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  10. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Wait , the Prius is now a "chick car " ? Jeez.

    Maybe I'll have to trade mine for something really macho , like a Fiat 500.

    Seriously , the Prius is great for every one.
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  11. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Now *there's* a chick car if ever there was one. :D

    Seriously, though, perceptions are weird and there's a whole lot of projecting going on (among the auto-writers), especially w.r.t. the alleged attitudes of Prius drivers.
  12. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Bill:

    So true. Fortunately anyone that has driven a new 4th gen knows the R&H has been massively improved. The Prime removes the polarizing front and rear design of the std. 4th gen. and imho, actually looks pretty good! ;)

  13. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    That's something I notice going between the Prime and the Bolt EV. The ride is really harsh in the Chevy especially with frost heaves in the road still not yet worn down by lots of traffic.
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  14. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    The Prius does have a sorta chick quality to it.

    A Fiat 500 Abarth intrigues the daylights out of me.

    I don't really have much experience with Prii, though my sister in law drives one. I did get dispatched to pick up a customer in a Prius one time when I worked rental cars. I had no clue how to properly drive one, but I managed 64mpg, IIRC.
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