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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by tbaleno, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Elvin Mcclain

    Elvin Mcclain The Mean Machine

    Ok, Thanks for the info about finding my way. I would like to find info on The Smart Car because the word is spreading that it is coming to a city near me and I would like to see it. Looks like the perfect city car to drive in San Francisco. We'll see.
  2. WFaber

    WFaber New Member

    I own a 2010 BMW 335D and rec'd delivery in Nov 2009. The first few trips before putting the car away for the winter averaged 49 mpg diesel fuel. Excellent car and fun to drive. After sitting in the garage over the winter (Upstate NY winters are hard on cars), I have driven about 4K miles (highway) with an average of 37 mpg diesel. I contacted BMW and they are no help. Does anyone have any ideas what caused the drop in FE? I buy diesel from the same Hess station and my mechanic buys it there as well for his VW diesel. I would love to understand why the FE dropped simply by having the vehicle sit over the winter. I don't think it is the winter fuel as two friends with VW diesels they drove through the winter did not see this drop in FE. I welcome any and all suggestions. Please email me at Many thanks for everyones help!
  3. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    You have a GREAT car. Has it been serviced since it set over the winter? The tire pressure could have decreased by 1 to 2 psi per month and that by itself will greatly hinder your fuel economy.
  4. CRIS

    CRIS Banned

    worst thing you can do is let a car sit for months. change all the fluids and give it some time to break in and loosen up. youll be back to 50mpg before you know it.
  5. WFaber

    WFaber New Member

    Update on the mileage of the 335D. I checked the tire pressure as suggested and it was low so I corrected that problem. Fuel mileage is now at 35 mpg highway versus 49 last fall. I took the car into the BMW dealer to be checked out and they could not find anything wrong with it and no error codes. Frustrating. Someone suggested an additive to the diesel fuel to see if sitting over the winter had caused a restricted or plugged injector. I will check the BMW website to see what they think about that idea. Anyway, it is a great car and fun to drive I just would like the better fuel mileage back again. I only have 8.5K miles on the car and I know the car can do better. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.
  6. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Hi again in this topic :eek:

    Now I'm in trouble with the profiles in the gas log. I tried to separate shiNIN's tanks with Ciliegia to see them more clearly, but when I typed a new profile name ('shiNIN') under an existing tank and saved it, it just disappeared :eek: I can't see anything in the gaslog screen that says 'change profile' or so, and there's no selectable 'shiNIN' profile when I'm editing another existing tank.
    I've entered the missing tank again, but now it may have an invisible duplicate (I can't remember the total kms before doing it, so they may be off too) :eek:

    So my question: what have I done, and what's the correct way to use these profiles? AFAIK I've seen logs that had neatly separated lists under different profiles...
  7. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    I'll take a look in a bit.
  8. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Found it. There was no profile created when you changed it on the entry you'd already added earlier. I've reset the profile designation to "Default" so you can see it again because I noticed that your new entry shows a different temperature and average trip distance.

    I recommend you delete the newer entry (so that the log is back to the way it was before you tried to change the profile name), then add a new entry that is exactly the same as the one I restored but specifying the new profile name you want -- the profile will be created if you designate it during the addition of a new tank. Once that has been done and you are satisfied that the separate section has been created the way you want it, go ahead and delete the earlier copy I just restored for you.

    If this is too confusing, shoot me a PM and I can explain it in further detail.
  9. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    So the problem was creating a profile without creating a new entry? I'll try to create the profile with the next tank (maybe later today - it's crazy hot here, we're off to the beach...)

    Thanks for making the lost entry visible, I deleted it :)
  10. hybridowner14

    hybridowner14 New Member

    2003 HCH hybrid battery sometimes disconnects from engine?

    This has been going on for some time now, like over 100,000 miles, but now happens half the time I am driving- There seems to be a communication failure between the hybrid battery and the engine. With an adequate or full charge on the battery, the gauge shows 3 green charging bars instead of any assist. The battery does not assist when accelerating uphill- sometimes. Then all of a sudden it works. Then it doesn't. Several times the car started using the old-fashioned starter method when turning the key. If the battery is not assisting when starting from a dead stop, there is practically no power and I crawl until the battery assist kicks in. The IMA light came on around 175,000 miles and I had the battery rebuilt by There is a problem with the rebuilt battery and I wonder if that is the cause of all the problems.
    Is there a device (the thing that says IMA and is under the hood) that coordinates the communication? The same thing is starting to happen with my 2010 Insight with 30,000 miles- the needle sometimes doesn't move when it should be showing either assist or charge.
    I've been trying to search the forums for a similar problem but don't see it, unless this is a recal problem.
    Is there a glossary of abbreviations on this site? Like what is CVT, ICE, SoC, recal?
  11. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    It does sound like you are going through a recal (recalibration event) -- this will show charging bars while the SoC (State of Charge) display drops. During this time, the computers in the car are forcing a continuous charge into the battery until the voltage no longer rises... then it goes for a bit longer until it is absolutely sure the battery is completely charged. It does this to re-establish its concept of where the 100% level is -- that's why we call it a recalibration event.

    During that time your ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) will be working harder because it not only has to move your car, it also has to charge your battery. This will feel like either a severe loss of power or dragging brakes. If you have a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) you may notice the RPM climb to unusual levels for the speeds you are traveling.

    Have you seen this behavior when you have a "communication failure" while driving? Your battery may in fact be faulty, but we don't have quite enough information to determine that.

    If you aren't seeing assist or regen in your Insight at times it is possible that your battery has gotten too hot (I see you are in NY so I assume it isn't getting too cold at this time of year ;)) -- if a thermal threshold is tripped you could end up with no assist or regen until the battery cools off again.
  12. billmc

    billmc Member

    Hi Tableno,

    Do you know how I might retrieve a reply I received concerning my 2010 VW Jetta TDI and a "hesitation" problem that occurs seemingly in the fuel system. The reply informed me of a software fix that some VW dealers, including mine, are unaware of. The reply may have been sent to me around 5/16/2010.

    Many thanks,
  13. DRNO

    DRNO Member

    Well I'm new & can't seem to find the Introductions Forum!
    I'm in the process of purchasing the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid & am trying to determine how many miles you can go on a fully charged battery? Additionally, I'm interested in locating an extended range battery to convert it to a PHEV, located in Northern Virginia?
  14. paulbates

    paulbates Well-Known Member

    Hi DRNO,

    First of all welcome to CLEANMPG! I'm sure you will be very happy with your MKZ and we'll help you sqeeze more MPG out of it!

    The place to introduce yourself is over here:

    I didn't want to create confusion by just moving your post without saying hi first and hving you see a response from us.

    Since I am taking off for the afternoon, could you browse to that link and paste your original note over there?

    Thanks, and again welcome

  15. 8thgen07civic

    8thgen07civic New Member

    Hello all, as my SN alludes to I have a 2007 Honda Civic LX 1.8 5spd... I drive around a 45-60 mile's each way of my commute... I am currently averaging around 33 MPG at about 80 MPH ( I know this will be my largest area of improvement).... also I have to drive up a huge mountain (about a 2500 foot incline)... any ways I wold like to be able to hit 40 mpg and not loose to much speed/time... am I able to do any 'chip' mods to somewhat retard the "performance" and increase my mpg?

    thanks in advance


    Is there anywhere to remove the Moved threads posted by Xcel? I know he is a forum mod, but I want to look through sub threads and find relevant info that is not moved somewhere.... Thanks
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  16. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Hi 8thgen07civic! Welcome to CleanMPG.

    The link in my signature will point you to some of the great articles here. The first one to read is "Beating the EPA."

    Good Luck.
  17. 8thgen07civic

    8thgen07civic New Member

    I already read that thread, I was looking for something a little more specific to my car?
  18. Flyinswine

    Flyinswine Flyinswine

    Hello All,

    I'm new to this site and very new to having a Hybrid. I have a 2006 HCH-II. I thought I was pretty auto savvy until I started reading a number of posts about hypermiling. So much information was over my head that I feel pretty humbled atm. I live in the midwest and have a 300 mile commute to work once a week. I'm averaging 50MPG on the highway, but would like to learn from the masters on improving that.
  19. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CleanMPG! Where are you in the midwest? The link in my signature will point you to some great info here.
  20. Flyinswine

    Flyinswine Flyinswine

    Thanks for the Welcome. I live in Roscoe IL. I'll check out your link for more info. Hopefully there are links to "Hypermiling for Dummies".

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