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    HI Everyone,
    I would like to know if the TDI has a tow rating and if so how much can it tow with which transmission. I have a light (330lb) catamaran and a 200lb trailer. I'd like to drive a high MPG Wagon That can tow occasionally.

    Seems like the TDI has plenty of torque so I figure the transmission should be matched to the engine torque and GVW. Any input would be helpful

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    According to this post - - The TDI can tow 1000 lbs, with 175lb max tongue weight. I didn't read through all the pages of the thread there, but skim over it and see if anyone posts the actual content of the owners manual. It appears that VW doesn't recommend towing, but the car is nevertheless rated for towing small light trailers.
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    From my owners manual (2009 Jetta, all models) for the Jetta TDI 2.0 Sportwagen: 1650 lb trailer weight, 200 lb tongue weight. As a matter of fact, these cars are designed for towing, and in Europe the tow limits are TWICE as high as those in the US manual. It is a matter of liability in the US, not strength of the vehicle, in my opinion. VW in Europe even sells their own trailer 'tow bar' that mounts into the chassis without drilling. Other Euro hitches also mount into the chassis.

    My manual does not say that that towing is not recommended. It does say:

    "Your VW was mainly designed for carrying passengers. If you plan to tow a trailer, please remember that your car will be performing a service for which it was not primarily intended. etc....."

    The US Drawtite hitch has been recommended, but it is clearly not as good as a Euro hitch:

    Info on one owner who bought a Euro hitch:

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