What if I'm out of diesel ?

Discussion in 'Diesel powered automobiles' started by groar, May 22, 2009.

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    I'm thinking about going for the longest tank. I should break the 900 mi, but to break the 1000 mi I should improve my mpg by a few % and use much more gallons from the tank.

    At next fill-up I'll fill as usually, note the volume, then top fill and fill-up a 5L (1.3ga) jerrycan.

    I'm then thinking about driving until I'm out of diesel, note the tank distance, empty the jerrycan into the tank and go to the pump to fill-up.

    Now I'm afraid the car will not start as simply as that after being out of diesel. The manual talks about the air drain of fuel supply system when it has been opened. I'm wondering if going out of fuel will introduce air in the fuel supply and make an air drain necessary.

    I want to do so with the megane which is an old turbo diesel, not a direct injection and not a common rail.

    What is your experience ?

  2. vtec-e

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    I don't have experience of an older diesel but i'd say they are not too dissimilar. Your fuel filter should have a lever to prime it. First open the air vent and pump that lever until you get diesel pouring out. Tighten the vent and start the car. It "should" start within a few turns. We hope........
    It happened me and my mates with a hired kia sedona. Ran out of diesel at the WRC in Wales. We put in some diesel and pumped the filter as described. It was hesitant to start but did after a few seconds.
    Best of luck with the (real) kilotank!!

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    One other trick that may help is to loosen two of the fuel lines going into the engine. Don't take them off, simply loosen them a little and it should allow any air trapped in the fuel line to escape. Crank the engine a bit until you see some fuel come out, then tighten them back up. Then repeat with the other two fuel lines. Good luck with the attempt!

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