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    Now that I’ve had two summers of heat, and one and a half winters to compare the performance of the HV battery too, I’m really improving FE due to battery performance. I’ve found that running the cabin A/C on normal recir, even with the windows down, got me better FE in hot weather with city driving. Constant A/C cooling of the battery in hot weather is needed for prolong EV use in city driving. For some reason, the cabin A/C on normal recir is better (more constant cooling) than the traction battery control module (TBCM) demanding the PCM turn on the A/C compressor to cool the battery. My thinking is that the outside battery vent door stays in the closed position creating a recir battery A/C mode like the cabin normal recir mode.

    Ford also needed an advanced method of protection for the FEH HV battery due to cost of replacement, performance and longevity. Keeping the temperature of all the cells in Ni MH battery equal in a large pack was needed because they couldn’t allow any irregular cell damage to start occurring. This would also keep all the cells charging and discharging at the same level of performance. A cooling method was needed so each cell got the same temperature air at the same time. In other words, all the cells on one side of the pack needed to be cooled the same time as the other end of the pack.

    Guess what I found? This is the first Ford patent on the HV battery design I've seen. Enjoy



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