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    Hi All

    Many of us don't understand all the conditions that are required to go EV in the FEH. Here is the most comprehensive list I've found after reviewing the Ford Patent on it.

    "The system for determining whether the engine should run during idle comprises many vehicle components including an engine, a vehicle system controller, battery, battery state of charge determination system, climate control system requests, brake control system, climate system and brake system reservoir vacuum determination, a vapor canister, vapor canister purging need determination, adaptive fuel tables, adaptive fuel tables mature determination, engine and catalyst temperature determination, an air conditioning system, a generator, a means to control HEV components including a generator controller, a powertrain controller and a battery controller."


    Looks like there is more to it than the LGA! Enjoy

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    Now that you have a good idea of all these conditions for EV, here is some more information that takes a closer look at what is happening. This patent is for reducing ICE cycling.

    "A method and system is provided that responds to non-propulsive needs of a hybrid vehicle by setting at least two thresholds related to engine support: a first threshold to keep a running engine ON, and a second threshold to turn the engine ON from an OFF state. More particularly, a request is made that the engine not be turned OFF until the value of an auxiliary system parameter exceeds the first threshold value and that the engine be turned ON if the parameter falls below the second threshold value. In other words, if the engine is OFF when the value of the parameter falls below the second threshold value, a request is made that the engine be turned ON and whenever the engine is ON, a request is made that the engine be maintained ON until the parameter exceeds the first threshold value.

    The logic expressed above will extend engine run time slightly but will reduce the frequency of engine startups. This can be calibrated for a clear emissions improvement and a modest fuel economy improvement."


    Enjoy more!

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