Retrieving DTCs with the ScanGauge

Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by CarlD, Apr 19, 2009.

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    Yeah, I agree the FF00 as an xgauge is really not the way to go. I had forgotten that later revs of the scangauge firmware (can't remember which ones though) will allow you to read multi-frame responses.

    You can try using the TXD: 07451800FF00 with an RXF: 024D13210000 to see if it will read the second frame. If so, then the next DTCs will be able to be read without clearing any info.

    Hopefully you will not get a blank display with this RXF.

    As far as speculating on your specific problem, perhaps one of the HV battery temp sensors has gone bad or intermittent. Try looking at the Tav, Tmx, Tmn and Txc when you turn the FEH on.

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  2. I think we're going to have to call this the one that got away (I hope so anyway). After clearing the codes 3 or 4 times they just stopped coming back. The car stopped shutting down. I try to convince myself that that is what I wanted, but there were a number of anecdotal stories of engines starting and running better after the reprogramming that comes with the dealer repair. And really, if they just go away on their own why would I expect them not to come back?

    I bought the harness, really just an extender cable, and installed it to decrease the chance of having that VERY scary shut-down happen again. Opening the rear battery case was easy. The forward lid is loosened and lifted a little and the rear cover pulled back. The part came with very detailed directions and everything needed (foam and zip-ties). I saw the housing for the fans too so I'm ready for that upcoming repair.

    I was watching Tmx, Tmn and Tav (from your database, thanks) and didn't see anything funny. They were usually within a couple degrees of the fuel rail temperature so i believed their numbers. I didn't know what was meant by the Txc so I never looked at that. I'm interested though because my wife's car still says P0A81 (HV battery fan #1) so there's probably temperature trouble there.
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    Hello, I have been a member for a while but have had no reason to post. I have found a lot of useful information here. Thanks to those who have taken the time to share.

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    It's always good to hear that people are benefiting from this place, and I'm sure Wayne will appreciate it. Feel free to jump into the conversation. We generally try not to be jerks.

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