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    In Cheshire, Oregon, the loss of the family pet has taken on a whole new meaning. Mary Kay Gray was arrested on Labour Day on felony assault charges. Her husband, Stanley Gray, was shot in the shoulder with a 44-calibre handgun. It appears a night of fun, frolic and a little drinking between the two lovers turned awry, when Mr. Gray took offense to comments made by his wife.

    Mrs. Gray wouldn’t comment on what was said, but affirmed that her husband’s sensitivity would perk after drinking. Mr. Gray’s temper got the better of him that night, and he took his frustrations out on the family pet: a chicken. Gray shot the chicken during an adrenaline rising argument, an act of retaliation for his wife’s comments. The chicken died at the scene.

    Conflicting Reports, Two Bullets and a Dead Chicken

    The couple would not fully confirm if the shooting was intentional or an accident. It appears that the chicken was shot intentionally. The investigating officers argue that they believe Mrs. Gray shooting Mr. Gray may have been intentional as well. Complicating the case are two persons at the scene with no one willing to admit to being the perpetrator, and a dead chicken, that is the only confirmed victim.

    "I’ve never heard anything like this," stated Bernard St. Jules, who takes regular walks in the neighbourhood. "This is a peaceful community. People are friendly. People care for their animals. I’ve never heard of a chicken getting shot here before."

    Shock to a Peace-Loving Community

    The Labor Day massacre had neighbours leaving their barbecues and running indoors. Most thought that the gunshots would escalate into greater violence. Fortunately, for the Grays, no one was killed. It only left a non-life threatening wound to the husband, but at the unfortunate cost of the loss of the family pet.

    Mrs. Gray has reportedly said she harbours no ill will toward her husband, but will now be eliminating poultry from her future diet.
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    I am NOT slighting what the husband did, but it's really strange what he did. I think I know what his wife should have served him for dinner....
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    Hi Chuck:

    ___That was the weirdest story I have seen in quite some time?

    ___Moral of the story, loaded hand guns in the home can be bad for your health … I think ;)

    ___Good Luck

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    poor chicken :(
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    I sposin' Buns and Geer doesn't mix.

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