Hypermiling a Mazdaspeed3

Discussion in 'Mazda' started by ron5864, Mar 18, 2009.

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    Hi Ron,

    I have a 2009 Mazdaspeed3 Sport, and I'm amazed at your results. If you posted those kind of numbers on any of the Mazda websites, people would think that your turbocharger had blown. In general with these cars, a sharp increase in mpg is seen as an ominous sign, ha ha. What sort of terrain are you driving, and how long is your commute? I have been trying some of the things you said before, shifting below 2600 (and below 2000 when I can.) Driving behind trucks, at a safe distance, at 60mph. My last tank I got about 24mpg over the tank, which was an improvement. Normally I was getting 22 mpg. This tank I've been pretty consistent in trying hypermiling techniques, so I'm very interested in seeing what will happen. I'll be very happy to get to the high 20's.

    I never had a fast car, and always wanted one. It's kind of funny, before I had a slower car that I wished was faster, and now that I have a fast car, I've become very interested in driving it slow.
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    Another thing is getting a Scangauge...
    It payed for itself within a Business Quarter.

    600 dollars saved compared to EPA #'s For me.
    1 year of course.

    And if you ever need to Diagnose or Clear a code it can do that.
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    The first thing I did and the only thing to the Speed3 is increasd the tire pressure to the max psi (44) seen on the sidewall of the Bridgestone tire. This results in the Tire Pressure Monitoring light to come on for a few minutes. I am wondering if the system cannot read over 44 psi and register that as a flat tire.

    My commute is about 32 miles each way on mostly flat freeways, but about 2 miles of it has some small hills.

    These turbomotors seems to behave like a frugal 4-cylinder car under 2500rpm. Once over that range and it eats fuel like V6 or V8. I keep the engine under 2500rpm as much as possible. There is so much torque that the car will accelerate in 6th at 40mph.

    The non-turbo versions of the 2.3L 4cyl are not that fuel effiecient. My co-worker say his 2.3L 5-door hatchback with the automatic gets about 26mpg overall. The other co-worker with a 2008 Speed3 gets about 29mpg overall. The driving style affects the fuel mileage a lot. Like how Top Gear demonstrated that a BMW M3 with the 4.oL V8 was more frugal than a Toyota Prius under certain conditions.

    On the street, I shift before the engine even hits 2000rpm. I coast the car in neutral whenever I hit the speed limit and let it roll until the speed drops 5-10 mph. Then I shift it back to 6th gear and pulse the gas slowly to get it back to speed.

    On the freeways, I now drive around between 50-60 mph. The car seems to roll pretty far if it is kept below 55mph. Depending on traffic conditons, I accelerate to 60 and then roll it in Neutral until it hits 50mph. Getting behind a large slow truck can reduce some wind drag and blame for being slow.

    Hypermiling probably saves me about $15-$16 a week in fuel. That's about $60/month or $720/year. That's a lot of grocery money.

    But once in a while, I do gun the gas to have some fun and get that turbo to so some work. And it is good to know that you have 263hp in reserve if need.
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    I'll try pumping my tires to 40 psi and see how that goes. We have some rough roads in Michigan, so I think much higher than that the ride quality would be intolerable for the family. I'll try more coasting in neutral to see how that helps.

    I ordered a SGII since my sport doesn't have the fuel economy gauge.

    With our cars we can't use FAS since it would cut lubrication to the turbo, but with the results you are getting, it looks like we don't have to. Do you clutch it every time you shift out of 6th?
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    If the traffic is heavy, I'll just depress the clutch and leave it in gear. This is just in case I have to suddenly gas it to avoid other cars. But I do shift into neutral once the traffic lighten up or spreads out a bit.

    The only time I shut off the car is at several long lights that are over a minute. I will not do that while moving since the steering and brakes depend on the engine to work properly.

    It takes some practice to feel comfortable with the new driving style and get results. But with gas running now at $3.19 for 91 octane in Southern California, it tends to motivate new driving behaviors.
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    driving too hard!! mine gets the same when driving hard or cause of other drivers ....but HM and it gets up to 32mpgs....
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    I'm surprised too, since Hyundia/Kia cars usually have medicore MPG rating from EPA.
    Wonder what the new Kia compacts are getting for MPG?
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    I increased the tire pressure to 44 front/40 rear without any bad increase in harshness. The Scangauge arrived and is really cool to work with. Using the scan gauge, I found that just leaving the car in gear and letting up on the gas very quickly cuts the fuel flow, and have increased my mileage with that.

    By paying close attention, I've been able to increase my mileage to 28mpg over the last tank.

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