DCC’s BLUETEC diesel emissions reduction technology.

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    DCC’s BLUETEC diesel emissions reduction technology.


    At the Geneva Motor Show 2006, Mercedes-Benz unveiled two vehicles that pave the way for an all-new generation of diesel vehicles: the Vision CLS 320 BLUETEC and the Vision GL 320 BLUETEC. The state-of-the-art BLUETEC technology makes CDI models from Mercedes-Benz the cleanest diesels in the world in any vehicle category. Added to this is the exceptional torque, economical performance and high operating range they are so renowned for. This is precisely why Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to launch the BLUETEC technology in a passenger car model in Europe too by no later than 2008.

    With this BLUETEC podcast, we are for the first time offering a complete audio feature on the current status of BLUETEC, including in-depth information on the development and functional aspects of the technology and benefits associated with BLUETEC.

    BLUETEC MP3 Podcast

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