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  1. hobbit

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    Isn't it amazing how an incident concerning air travel happens and
    within a few hours, we've got all kinds of mandates and "elevated
    threat levels" and every airport is a scrambling keystone-cops
    routine that affects everybody in the system? Why couldn't something
    that widespread and effective ever happen for GROUND transport?
    Where is the TSA's directive, "Beginning September 11, 2006, any
    state shown failing to enforce tailgating laws LOSES its federal
    highway funding until they FIX the problem that's killing way
    more people than a few nutcases with explosive acne cream could
    hope to take out" ???
    Peoples' priorities are *so* screwed up, especially in this country.
  2. whitevette

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    Hi, "Hobbit"!
    Tailgating is my favorite gripe! Besides stabbing my brakes & dipping my nose(of the car!LOL!) to scare the fertilizer out of these imbicles, I can't help but think of my story to the cop investigating the "rear-ender"! Somehow, it'll end up MY FAULT! Have you also noticed the "push" mentality of gravel dumptruck drivers? The ones with double-digit IQs....What's a little car driver to do??? ARGH! -whitevette :confused: :driveby1:
  3. Hot Georgia

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    Hobbit I was thinking that only last night on my way home, but admit to getting a chuckle from your "explosive acne cream" comment! :rolleyes:
  4. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    I don't know if it's a lack of respect for *life*, because some
    really inordinate efforts are often made keeping people *alive*
    who shouldn't be -- criminals, terminal cases, etc. We have
    paramedics who for reasons I personally cannot fathom make every
    effort to save lives of people who will then endure long,
    excruciating recovery and probably be disfigured/crippled for
    life thereafter. I don't get it. Still, there are some really
    simple reasons people *don't* have to die or be injured on the
    roads and be scraped off the pavement on a daily basis.
    I've decided that I need my "yuppie button" again. In my old
    Trooper, it was a set of relays wired up so that a momentary
    pushbutton would light every available lamp on the rear of the
    vehicle. I used it fairly effectively to get people off my butt,
    warn them that no, maybe I'm not accelerating hell-bent out of
    the turn I just made, and get them to dip their high beams.
    Sometimes it worked, sometimes they were just oblivious. But
    having dug into the wiring diagram of the Prius a little more
    I'm realizing that it's not that hard, at least to get the
    brakes, directionals, and reverse to all flick on at once and
    at least wake up the yupster behind me that hey, there's something
    unusual about this vehicle ahead and maybe it's time to get off
    that phone and pay attention for a while.
    But if he doesn't, and creams my sorry butt, don't go to any
    extraordinary lengths on my account. There are already way too
    many people suckin' up resources in this world. Drop off
    whatever's left at the nearest med school, and be done with it.
    But do everything you can to make *his* life either permanently
    miserable, or nonexistent -- his choice.
  5. highwater

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    hobbit....I agree


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