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Discussion in 'Mercedes-Benz' started by Mike T, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Mike T

    Mike T smart car dummy

    Here are the sales data for smart in the USA to date:

    Month: monthly sales / total to date
    Jan: 641 / 641
    Feb: 1101 / 1742
    Mar: 1734 / 3476
    Apr: 2683 / 6159
    May: 2695 / 8854
    June: 2545 / 11,399
    July: 2558 / 13,958
    Aug: 2420 / 16,378
    Sept: 1778 / 18,156
    Oct: 2236 / 20,392

    The sales are bucking the trend in the US car market generally. The volumes are of course very small, as it is admittedly a niche product.
  2. xcel

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  3. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    When the Diesel comes back it should take off again. Its a great little car with the diesel!H
  4. Mike T

    Mike T smart car dummy

    Frankly, the diesel is as expensive to run as the gasoline version, due to the differential in fuel pricing between diesel and premium unleaded, and the twice-as-frequent servicing in the case of the diesel.

    I like mine a lot but I am not under the illusion that it is a lot cheaper to run, being nearly 4 years and 105,000 km into the ownership period.
  5. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    Mike T .Thanks for setting me straight! That is hard to believe! Are you using synthetic oil to cut down on oil changes etc.? What else would be high maimtenance? H
  6. Mike T

    Mike T smart car dummy

    The basic servicing interval for the diesel is 8000 km, which the car adjusts upwards to 10,000 or slightly more if you drive gently and on longer trips.

    The basic servicing interval for the gasoline car is 15,000 km, which again is adjusted upwards according to driving style, as I understand it.

    Both cars require synthetic oil. Typical servicing costs at a M-B dealer alternate between $150 and $250 every second service, with the diesel being slightly more at every fourth service due to its massive water separator filter.

    As soon as mine was out of warranty, I began to service it myself. If you did your own servicing all the time, the difference in running costs would be minimised somewhat and the overall running costs would favour the diesel. Repair costs? It's hard to say. The diesel seems to be reliable but turbos and related hardware are something the gasser does not have.
  7. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    M-B has always been high maint! I guess the water separators are the throw away type on top of it. I had a old Nissan pick-up that allowed you to dump the water and re-install the filter. I guess those days are gone! H
  8. Mike T

    Mike T smart car dummy

    It's a canister that can be had for $56 without the water detector, or $140 with it....and it's a messy job to re and re it.
  9. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Wow that's expensive. My fuel filter with water separator runs me about $50 CAD. I wonder if the new CDI has similar service intervals to the new gas fortwo? With VW's, it seems that the service intervals between the TDI's and gas versions is about the same if they are the same model year.
  10. fitmpg

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    If gasoline drops to much under 2.00 per gallon, those Dodge Magnum/Hemi behemoths will haul you around in their pick-up beds for nothing. They're grinning from ear to ear right now folks.
  11. Mike T

    Mike T smart car dummy

    The $56 canister incorporates the water separator, just not the electronics (water in fuel light sensor), which are what adds $80 to the price. The electronic bit can be reused. The smart cdi filter can be bought at a Dodge dealer for a (Mercedes-Benz CDI) Sprinter at about $45.

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