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  1. Hot Georgia

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    Last weekend our family went to Savannah for an outing.

    Our first tourist stop was the Pirates House which has a history of ghostly hauntings.
    An interesting building built back in the early 1700's had a group of 12 professional ghost hunters attempt to stay overnight in its 2nd floor to try and rationally explain the phenomena. By morning time only 4 people remained, all others ran off!

    We arrived there at 11:00PM, and when we finished eating it was about closing time.
    The owner took a small group of us down to the rum room. The room is said to have been a secret dungeon. There's a bricked-up passage where "Spirits" were smuggled in during prohibition.
    You climb down a steep circular stairs to a room approx. 15x30 feet.
    There is zero light except for a dim flashlight and camera flash
    This is one of the first photos I snapped with my Nikon Coolpix 880 camera:
    These things appear here as bubbles or "Orbs".
    There is a chair placed in front of a bricked up area. This is the tunnel which leads to the Savannah river. The owner said that anyone who sits in the chair seems to attract those things:
    Here was the first person in the chair, a fellow restaraunt guest from Columbus Ga:
    He suddenly stood up and rushed by us muttering something like he has to get out of there. He went back up the stairs and my wife (Who was waiting upstairs) said he was scared and ran out of the restaraunt.
    Here's the next guy who was from Canada. He kept his cool but said he felt very nervous in that chair:

    I'm used to those sort of things but certainly not a fact those are the first photos of the sort I've taken. I surely won't tell you those are ghosts but surely are puzzling.
    I've owned the same camera for 7 years and those bubbles never appeared in the thousands of previous photos, only there...and some other places around Savannah.

    I've resized these in Photoshop for CMPG but otherwise not tampered with.
    Some of those orbs are likely dust particles but one could see tiny-faint "Sparks" or streaks of lights in the pitch darkness.
    The original size photos show about 5-25 of those things of various size and density.

    Then we came to the Correl Weed house for their latest tour. (11:30 PM)
    The group of about 20 of us gathered in the bacement while the tour guide gave his speech to the Right on the stairway.
    I didn't have a tripod so I propped the camera against a doorway and snapped this photo:
    Look at the mult-pane glass door to the far top Left.
    Is that someone standing on the other side? What ever it is appears kinda blue(There were candles lit but no blue lights)
    There was nobody behind that door while we were there.
    A closeup:
    Is that someone there or just imagination? A photo was shot from the same room two days prior and a face peered from behind a different window!

    We also took a tour through Colonial Cemetery near midnight...said to be very haunted.
    I took about 60 photos on that tour but got nothing at all.

    I don't know what I've photographed. You decide. That's the most fun of it.
  2. lindermant

    lindermant Well-Known Member

    Great pics steve! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That pirate house basement reminds me of the basement of my college house when we moved in :D Interesting vacation spots indeed - are you a ghost hunter, or was that just the theme for this trip?
  3. Hot Georgia

    Hot Georgia Well-Known Member

    No ghost hunter but find the study fascinating. Really it was meant to be just a family outing turned spooky!
  4. lindermant

    lindermant Well-Known Member


    I've got an experiment for you to try (regarding "orbs" in the photo)... I doubt your basement is in the same state as the pirate house, but for giggles could you take a pic in your pitch dark basement (or garage / barn / what-have-you) with the same lighting conditions (i.e. dim flashlight and camera flash)?

    I'd be interested to know if anything shows up (I've always wondered if the camera flash is catching dirt/pollen in the air and giving the orb effect). Who knows, maybe you have ghosts too :D
  5. Hot Georgia

    Hot Georgia Well-Known Member

    Sure! I'll take them tonight and post it.
    Good idea :)

    BTW somehow the photos show up better on my notebook LCD screen than my CRT monitor here at work. :(
  6. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    LCD > CRT these days.

    haha ghosts eh... well i find it hard to believe sitting in a chair will attract things but hey i never challenged spirits before so what do I know :p

    after all the chair itself looks pretty new..... steve you should have taken the plunge! I'm sure the hypermiling spirits will forgive you!

    although funny that guy you mention ran out of the restaurant.... that is pretty interesting... i wonder what happens if a macho man sat on the chair instead heh.

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