Help with hypermiling in '98 Honda CR-V

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by doogly, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. doogly

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    Hey guys, I've been hypermiling for a while now and seem to average about 30mpg in my CR-V. I've got a few questions though on improving my mileage. First of all, now that the weather is getting colder I need to use the heat in my car. I was wondering what you think is better, having the heat all the way up and the fan power on low, or the heat barely on and the fan power on high? Secondly, what's your guys general opinion on cruise control. I know it helps to keep the car at steady RPM's but in my automatic CR-V, it down shifts and the RPM's shoot up if I go up a hill in cruise control. Should I use it or not? Lastly, I also have a really old Mazda B2200 i think like an '89 and it's manual. But I assumed it got terrible mileage because it's a pickup truck. Then I read somewhere that it gets pretty good mileage, which car should I be driving more often? Thanks for your help.

    edit: I was just reading about getting better mileage here: and it says using overdrive gears helps. Is that one of those weird numbers I can shift into on my CR-V? Cause it has a bunch of drive modes I can shift to and I don't know what half of them do, even after looking them up in the manual.
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  2. doogly

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    Also, a lot of my friends are getting air intakes which they claim improves horsepower, acceleration, and mileage. Is it worth it to get one?
  3. PookieSoup

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    I can't speak for the air intake. What are you doing to get to the 30mpg? Is that highway or city driving? I get about that much city driving even in heavy rush hour traffic and on the highway using CC. I get anywhere from low 30's to low 40's mpg in optimal conditions.

    It has cooled a little here in Texas, but not to the point of needing to use the heat. I have noticed a loss of mpg (3-7 mpg) when I drive short trips and the engine is cold though.
  4. Prozac

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    Using the heater should have no ill affects on your MPG. Using the lower fan settings shouldn't affect your mpgs as much as using the upper fan settings due to current draw which will force the alternator to work harder.
    I personally use cruise everywhere. I tend to speed if I don't. I have noticed that it usually nets me better results when standard driving.

    As far as which vehicle to drive, try it the Mazda out and see if it nets you better mpgs than the CRV. Maybe switch back and forth between the two. I personally own a Dodge 2500 and a Saturn Vue and only take the Dodge when needed or at least once week (she's my tow and hauling pig). I still net better mileage than the 1500 states just by using NICE-On. Otherwise, I am stealing mama's vehicle until motorcycle weather comes back.

    OD should just equate to you putting your vehicle in the gear "D" with the square around it (if yours is equipped that way).

    Lastly, really depends on the intake set-up as to how well it will work in netting you better mpgs. The only thing that you can do there is to experiment.
  5. doogly

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    First of all, thanks for your responses, they definitley help, secondly, I am only ever driving in rural areas with a speed limit of 45 but the cops are chill of upwards of 55 so I generally try to average around 50 to maximize fuel economy, I only run into one stop light and one roundabout during my daily commute (about 22 miles one way). And it's mostly a straight shot from my house so I rarely have to stop. Last time I checked, I somehow came out with 38.4 mpg on my last trip which is significantly higher then what I usually have so that was exciting. I'll start using cc and see how that works out. Thanks for the advice. The thing I hate most about the CR-V is that I can't take the roundabout as fast as I would like, I have to slow down so I don't rollover :) Overall though, I really like it.
  6. Shan

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    First off Cruise Control will hurt you more than help.

    P&G will be your saving grace.

    Is the CRV flat towable? If it must be towed on a flat bed then you cannot P&G with ICE off but you can do P&G with ICE on.

    Also, you can turn the CRV off at lights or intersections that last longer that 12seconds. If you are at a stop or going down a hill put the tranny in neutral, this uses less gas than in drive unless you are taking advantage of DFCO.

    Accelerate slowly and stick to or below the speed limit.
  7. Blackbird93

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    98' cr-v MT 183k

    You can pulse and glide with the engine off, but this vehicle does not coast very far.

    I average 31 on the highway and between 28 & 39 on rural and city routes (40-50 degrees). How quickly your engine warms will affect this.

    Given the terrible aerodynamics of the car it is very sensitive to changes in air temp. You could see a range of 21-33 hwy mpg. I observed 21 this winter when temps were below -15.

    This thread's old, but an air intake that provides more horsepower will most likely allow cooler air the mix with your fuel (lower IA temps.). This would lower your mpg's.

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