Powell Endorses Obama

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by GaryG, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. lamebums

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    I use a similar example when on campus.

    Me: "Let's say you get a 95 in a class, an A, and I get a 55, an F. Let's spread the wealth around. Give me 20 of your points so we are both equal at 75 a piece, both C's."

    Obama supporter: "That's not fair!"

    Me: "That's why I don't support Obama."
  2. pdk

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    Prof 1: A student just asked me for a recommendation but I don't think I can. He's just not doing so well in my class. He's really doing poorly on the midterms and he just doesn't seem focused on my class.

    Prof 2: I know him well. He's working with me on a research project and writes incredible papers. I also hear that he's working another job to try to ensure that his student loans don't cripple him when he finally graduates. Plus, he's out interviewing for jobs and looking at grad schools, so his time is limited. He studies as much as he can, but he has limited time. Also, from experiences in class, he might just not test well, and his numbers don't accurately reflect his ability. You should probably give him a chance.

    Prof 1: I see. I'll have to talk to him to get a better sense of his abilities, but he seems like he would be an asset.


    Adding nuance is fun.
  3. GaryG

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    My Son just graduated from MIT with a Major in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. He now makes at the age of 22 over $670,000 a year with his first business. He is voting for Obama. This thread was about Powell endorsing Obama... My Son and I agree, John McCain and Bush can drill baby drill all they want, but the ride is all over Tuesday.

  4. bestmapman

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    I guess we will see.
  5. yeah, except i think it would be more realistic example if the student never came to class, didn't have a job, and spent most of the day playing xbox. Then at midterm he wants someone to give him a handout because of all his hardships.
  6. GaryG

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    Well bestmapman we now have the answer. If you feel as bad as I did when W was elected, I've felt your pain for eight long years. I lost my 401K after Bush was elected and now others are again in the same boat. No more stock for me and Big Oil can go to hell. Take advantage of 0% interest and screw the banks also by paying them off on time before the deadline.

  7. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Your statement goes a long way in helping to unite us all behind the new president. You should be proud of your statement.
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  8. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    GaryG, how would you feel if bestmapman had made a similar statement if McCain won?

    Can we avoid any "payback?"
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  9. Chuck

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    Elections like this are a repudiation of failed administrations, but it's an opportunity for the new one to become the new majority party - i.e. it's not a mandate for Obama but he can turn it into one. Such was 1980 - it was a repudidation of Carter, then Reagan turned it into a mandate that lasted years.

    Party dominance comes to an end sooner or later...too much, complancy, arrogance, or just bad government. Reagan had pushed America's political center to the right....the George W Bush administration's bad impersonation of Reagan brought it to an end - probably making the GOP the minority party for years.

    Just as in the 1980's there were "Reagan Democrats", there are independants crossing over supporting Obama now. In a two-party system, whoever takes the middle wins. McCain was not himself as he was in 2000 - the GOP pressured him into moving so far right that coupled with an economic meltdown in September - he was doomed. He would have fared better being as he was in 2000, having an experienced moderate as a running mate and distantancing himself from Bush more. Probably would have lost anyway, but at least he would not have tripped himself.

    Again, parties don't take control by snubbing the center. Over the years and esp during this administration, the GOP has moved farther right than Reagan, not only forgot the middle class that helped them get in power in the 1980's but let their jobs go overseas, alienated the largest minority with immigration policies - the Hispanics, claim to be limited government while setting records for spending. I don't fault them for going into Iraq for WMDs, but I had big issues with occupying them with far too few troops, attempting to compensate by pushing them into mulitple tours of duties, while not being sensitive to the differences of a Muslim culture. Abu Girab has sullied our image for years to come. It was hubris to think this occupation was like Granada in 1983 or Panama in 1989.

    Republican operatives telling the center to get lost was not enough, it was telling half their party they are Republicans in name only (RINO). To a degree, Detroit has used the same marketing stategy....it's like GM forgetting their Impalas, Buicks, Malibus and build only Escalades, fewer and fewer, pricing them into the ultraluxury market. Detroit is realizing that does not work....I don't know if the Republicans will realize their recent addition by subtraction will put them thru elections like this one. Maybe they are hoping the state of the Union is worse in 2012 than 2008...I hope the odds are against that, but even if true, bi-polar political swings are bad for the country.

    I reluctantly voted for McCain - I wish Obama well.
  10. jdhog

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    So if two people feel or have felt pain are they united?
  11. GaryG

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    Well Chuck, I would have felt the same as when Bush would had won again. Hopeless I'm sorry to say. I feel much better and will purchase more things now. I hate war and love peace, but I know peace comes with power. That doesn't mean war when we are lying about WMD's, it means getting Bin laden. I think Bush is protecting Bin laden myself. I hope Obama puts Bush and Cheney in jail for their actions in killing Americans.

    Payback Palin is a small cost to pay when McCain wanted to continue Bush and Cheney's road to destruction of America.

  12. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger


    I'm not after your pollitical views.

    In fact they are not in your quote of me.

    It's about getting personal with Jud.

    What would you think last night if McCain acted like a sore loser or Obama said something that came off like "we really stuck it to them?"

    We have been excited the past few days about politics, religion, etc....can we try a little harder to be good sports and move on?

    In case Jud was ungraceful in the past, I recommend the same.
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  13. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    On the ligher side what if in 2012 we had Franken vs Palin?

    Ten televised debates on Saturday Night Live. :D
  14. lamebums

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    Palin/Hasselbeck in 2012. How's that. :)
  15. pdk

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    One would hope that it creates some level of empathy and common ground despite our disagreements. There is a distinct lack of empathy in this world, or at least a lack of people willing to acknowledge it.
  16. koreberg

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    Not a really good argument. Its more of a horrible generalization that ignores reality, in order to make a misguided point, that I see many regurgitate. Of course as usual a blind-eye is turned towards the many subsidies, loans and outrageous contracts that get handed to the rich.

    Wealth is not something you gain inspite of everyone, it is something you gain because of everyone. No one is an island, earning profits in complete isolation from the rest of the world. So the idea that "YOU" worked hard for it, and everyone else has no right to any of it is absurd. Without everyone else "YOU" would not be wealthy. Its because people are not properly compensated for their work, that wealth is redistributed, if the wealthy paid proper rates for work put in, then we wouldn't be in this situation. The wealthy have no one to blame but themselves.

    Find me 1 person that became wealthy all by themselves, with no help from anyone ever, and I will say they should pay no taxes. You will never find that person in this country, or any industrialized country in the world, they don't exist.
  17. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Interesting argument. Just for the sake of that argument, what do you consider "proper compensation?"
  18. koreberg

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    Enough money for 1 person working 50 hours a week to afford reliable transportation to work/school etc with maintenance fuel etc, a safe place to live, healthcare/insurance for an average family, with the ability to take a family vacation every year. Enough money where 2 people working is a benefit and not required just to make ends meet for an average sized family.
  19. warthog1984

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    Doing what? Unskilled labor? Semi-Skilled? Professional work? Advanced Research? Running a department?
  20. koreberg

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