Unknown Argonne National Labs - Hybridfest visitor???

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by xcel, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Hi All:

    ___After one of my presentations at HF2006, an individual handed me his business card. He was from Argonne National Labs in Batavia, IL. I lost his card among other items and am desperately trying to contact him for a future article. Argonne performed some of the first advanced and highly detailed Hybrid testing using their own extremely advanced gas analyzers to measure the emission effluent in various test cycles as well as measure HP, torque, FE, and Thermal efficiency of the various hybrids through a number of testing regiments.

    ___This individual wanted me to contact him after HF2006 and I cannot for the life of me find his business card??? If anyone knows who this individual was, please reply to this thread or PM me at your earliest convenience so I can contact him directly.

    ___Thanks in advance.

  2. hobbit

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    My continued battle with the vanishing "new posts" continues
    unabated, and it wasn't till just now that I dug around manually
    trying to catch up on items I thought I missed... I talked to
    what is probably the same guy VERY briefly right after the rain,
    and I think he was the one that had left his windows open and came
    back out to find an inch and a half of water in his cupholders
    and the obvious other soaking/damage that would go along with
    that. And he needed to bug out to make another appointment, so
    we didn't really get to chat other than me saying "I've read a
    bunch of the papers you guys have done, great stuff!"
    Anyways, the card I have sez:
    __ Theodore P. Bohn
    __ Power Electronics Engineer
    __ Advanced Powertrain Research Facility
    __ Energy Systems Division
    __ www.transportation.anl.gov
    __ 630.252.6592
    __ 630.816.7382 mobile
    __ tbohn@anl.gov
    __ Building 32 . 9700 South Cass Ave . Argonne IL 60439-4815
    If y'all think that his personal details would be better off
    NOT existing in a publicly accessible database as they now are,
    feel free to edit/delete this post or tell me to do so.
    As long as Wayne's had enough time to grab the info ... but
    since the guy *was* handing out cards perhaps some other readers
    might be interested in his contact info as well.
    Argonne, for those that don't know, has done some great analysis
    of the Prius and other hybrids as well as many interesting bits
    of development work. I point to some of these in my big pointer-nest
    at http://techno-fandom.org/~hobbit/cars/prius-linkfarm.html
    which, if you're still fishing around for Prius info, will guide
    you in a thousand correct directions.
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    You raise an excellent point.

    The admins could create a "Members Only" forum for private info like this that only registerd members could see.

    I would not encourage more activity than what is truly personal, as it's sheilded from GoogleBots, and we certainly want CleanMPG well-placed on Search Engines....
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    He's the guy who listed that he was going to bring a Corbin Sparrow to the gig. Did you see his car? Did he?


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