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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by tbaleno, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    He is looking to spend under $5K and is interested in a mid-size sedan that gets good FE. I recomended the Accord and Camry. I don't know if he can get either of these for that low. Anyone have any suggestions of a sedan with model and year that gets good mileage in that price?
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  2. Chuck

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    Don't know if the KIA Rio is large enough, but it was getting 33mpg with an automatic....
  3. krousdb

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    The Civic comes in a 4 door sedan doesn't it? The 92-95 generation can easily be had for under 5K. Miles will be high but Hondas last forever.
  4. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    The idea is to have a roomy car. the 4 door civic sedan is kind of small. I updated my original post to clarify. The ideal car is a mid-sized sedan.
  5. tigerhonaker

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    I'm stumped. :eek: Can't come up with anything.

  6. xcel

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    Hi Tom:

    ___One of my favorites is a relatively new Ford Focus ZX3 or 5. They depreciate as if they really did fall off the back of the delivery truck when new which makes them bargains on the used car lots ;) The dealerships ask way too much for them but they will come down mightily once you show them you know the KBB numbers let alone the far lower wholesale price they picked them up for! They know what a used Focus is worth which isn’t much and you can bargain for more then just a few thousands off the crazy prices they ask for them with a little knowledge … Tiger should be able to help on this one?

    ___In any case, the 2.3L based Focus is a great handler and has some performance to back it up. IIRC, they were on C&D’s 10 Best for 4 or 5 years running only getting nudged off in the last 1 or 2. A stick makes it all the more sweet for the performance enthusiast as well as the fuel economy aficionado. From 2003 onward, many of the 2.3’s were PZEV’s which is another great reason to consider one vs. all other comers.

    ___Let me give you a few specs on the ZX3/ZX5 for your friends to think about … If I was low on funds, a used ZX3 w/ a stick would probably be my choice but reliability may be an issue as the years and miles roll on by … It has the same ICE as the Ranger except includes a balance shaft to smooth it out a bit. The 03 Ranger is by far my best ever purchase besides the short time I had the Insight … There is nothing in the sub-compact arena other then the latest 06 non-Hybrid Civic that has the handling and performance in the < $15K arena when new.

    00 - 06 ZX5 // 04 – 06 Prius // 03 – 05 Civic

    Passenger Volume cu. ft: 94.4 // 96.2 // 91.4
    Luggage Capacity cu. ft: 18.6 // 16.1 // 12.9

    Total cu. ft: 113 // 112.3 // 104.3

    ___One of the reasons I purchased the Accord is its outstanding resale but on the back side, you do not find used Camry’s and Accord’s for anything like $5K unless they are really ancient …

    ___Good Luck

  7. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles

    Thats a Tuffy Tom.

    I have three daughters. This is a road Ive traveled often.

    Oldist daughter buys high mileage paint falling off domestics for dirt cheap and then has the starter, altnator, water pump, belts and bearings changed in it. Oil and tranny fluids and filters changed. New tires and brakes. Drives them 50k and throws them away.

    Middle daughter bought a Malibu with 57k or so on it. for $3400.00 3 years ago. has had to do all the stuff oldist daughter does to all her cars and at !00k is falling apart. Windows come out of track and crash to the bottom of the door. Body welds breaking. Steering colume came undone. Typical GM junk. This car had all the dealer service records and carfaxed out good. GM needs to go away.

    Youngist daughter bought a ZX3 like xcel mentioned. It was junk at 50k. All the warrenty work that was done on the car needed to be done again. And there is a ton of TBS on the cars. it to had all its dealer service records and carfaxed good. After 3 weeks of crap with that car I had to go into the dealer and make them give her money back. found here a Tercel with 70k miles for less than 3k. Its got 150k miles on it now and is still putting along. But showing its age bad. We also gave them the wifes 99 escort. It had 150k on it and now has 200k on it. How it keeps running I have no idea. i wouldnt drive the crappy car the last three years we owned it.

    I learned years ago. BUY NEW!!! And keep them for many years. Even if its ultra cheap new.

    My parents hauled 3 kids around in a 1967 Fiat 850 Coupe and a 1969 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe with no A/C. Many would call that child abuse now. LMAO. When my parents got married they had a 1959 Pontiac sled loaded. When I was born in early 61 they bought a NSU. They went backwards.

    I wish them good luck in there search. :)

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