VW TDI review for late September possibly?

Discussion in 'Diesel powered automobiles' started by xcel, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___I just got off the phone with the VW America - Press and Public Relations Director and have a little more information.

    ___The manufacturer TDI’s are at dealerships for test drives as we already know with the actual launch in mid August. Unfortunately, the press vehicles will not be released until mid to late September so our take will not be available until then. I suspect we are going to hear quite a bit from new owners once they are released into the publics hands however :)

    ___There are already supply constraints as the new 2.0TDI is manufactured in Europe (cars in Mexico) and the engine plant(s) are already at maximum capacity. Meaning the US will be capacity limited for a while. For 09 however, the higher ups are asking for everything they can get their hands on. Hopefully your local VW dealer will have a decent supply by next spring.

    ___Good Luck

  2. WriConsult

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    Wayne, have you gotten any further confirmation or denial of reports that we'd only see 900 TDIs in the US this year? (Maybe that figure was Sportwagens only, not the whole diesel lineup?)

    Portland is one of the strongest markets for diesel cars (and wagons) in the US. I hope our stealerships get a few of them in soon. Would love to take one out for a spin.

    Also interested to see how the mpg turns out, real world. The PD TDIs (2003-05) were about 5mpg lower than the VE (1999.5-2002) models like mine, and the EPA ratings appear similar for the new ones. I still don't understand why VW feels a 3000 pound vehicle needs 140hp, especially with the torque of a diesel backing it up. I'm perfectly content with my 90hp (and would gladly get along with 75hp if it meant better FE)! Bet it's fun to drive though, as long as someone else is paying for the $5 fuel.
  3. Vooch

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    VW sold some 300 Sportswagens in July versus 3,000 Ford Flexes

    TDI Club is awash with reports from test drives - albeit test drives with different ends than Wayne intends
  4. xcel

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    Hi Dan and Vooch:

    ___If you have any specific questions about the new Jetta TDI’s that the TDI’ers have not already found out, why don’t you come up with a short list and that I can E-Mail to Steve for a reply?

    ___Vooch, there is a VW dealer not 1.5 miles from my home and I am tempted to go ask if I could take one of their manufacturer test vehicles out for a Sunday drive when they are closed ;)

    ___Good Luck

  5. bestmapman

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    I drove a new one and it didn't seem that much different then my 06. The main thing that I noticed was it was quieter.
  6. seftonm

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    Awesome! I've seen a few test drive reviews floating around on the internet but didn't pay a whole lot of attention. Most of what they talk about is not what cleanmpg or I would be interested in. I can't wait to see what you will do with it, Wayne.
  7. Vooch

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    Definately try them - Show them the CBS video from your Chicago - NYC trip and see if you can get them to get a local TV station to do a spot on the TDI. They'll get enough PR that they should be paying you :)

    Aside from seeing how far you can push the latest TDI, this is what I'd like to understand:

    1) Fuel Consumption at idle ( is it so low and to negate any benefit of FAS ?)

    2) What is lowest speed/rpm one can still keep 6th gear engaged ?

    3) Steady state MPG nos at say 40 MPH, 45 MPH, 50 MPH, and 55 MPH.

    4) I have 200 ft lbs of torque in the 2.0 TFSI gasser and can easily start in 2nd gear, the new TDI has 230 ft lbs. - it might be beneficial to start in 3rd gear.

    5) Are their any tricks to managing fuel consumption when the dang thing burns the crap during the 'Tier II Bin 5 compliance mode' ?

    I assume you'll have a triptonic, similar to mine. I've found that using it fully in manual mode generates a lot higher MPG's. I start off the line in 2nd, and use all the usual tricks one uses in a MT.

  8. flatty

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    I dropped in at my dealer regularly, awaiting the TDIs. He's now saying December and that is optimistic.
  9. Vooch

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    which VW dealer in NY ?
  10. flatty

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