Anyone hypermiling Mazda5 van?

Discussion in 'Mazda' started by shortlid, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. shortlid

    shortlid Member

    Anyone on the Mazda board hypermiling a Mazda5 MINI-van. :confused:
  2. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles

    I think there is a guy on that has some seat time in a MZ5V. It will be like all Mazda's. More on the Zoom Zoom and less on the MPG. Its just there thinking..... MPG is the road less traveled for Mazda's.
  3. snax

    snax New Member

    We have been working on driving our 5 efficiently for about 18 months now. We consistantly exceed the EPA ratings on it, but my wife is the primary driver of it and really doesn't try to hypermile per-se. Regardless, the Scanguage II keeps her conscious of her habits and is likely the main reason why we continue to exceed the ratings.

    Frankly, I don't agree with the Zoom-Zoom notion regarding fuel economy and performance in the 5. It's simply lackluster in regard to go-power. It handles terrific for a mini-van, but it TROUNCES EVERYTHING ELSE IN IT'S CLASS when it comes to fuel economy (mostly because there literally is nothing else in it's class). There simply is not another 6-passenger gasoline powered vehicle available new today that can compete with it on that front.
  4. Skwyre7

    Skwyre7 Well-Known Member

    I took one out for a test drive a few months back. It was pretty nice, but it didn't meet my family's needs. I had to ride with the salesman, so I didn't put i through the true hypermiler's test, just some mild hypermiling. I think it's got potential.
  5. Kacey Green

    Kacey Green Well-Known Member

    You usually can get the car away from the salesman after the initial test drive, and a good salesman shouldn't say anything about you hypermiling, if they do, and they don't have an open mind about it then he or she doesn't deserve your business.
  6. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    so kacey u let a potential customer fas on a new demo model :p?
  7. Kacey Green

    Kacey Green Well-Known Member

    Well, if my customer were a hypermiler I'd let them know whether the car they were planning to purchase was FASable, or if they should stick to a NICE-ON.
  8. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    Good to see someone doing it. Keep us updated. A used Mazda5 MT might be in our future a few years from now, especially since the MT ones seem to depreciate like crazy (stupid Americans). Way more family room in the 5 than anything else with comparable mpg.
  9. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    If you live in an area with Zipcar availability, they might have them in their fleet (they do in the DC metro area, or did anyway), so you could reserve one for an extended test drive, but it won't be a 5MT.
  10. llamoure

    llamoure New Member

    I just got a Mazda5 with a Manual Tranny. I drove "normal" for the first couple tanks to break it in. I'm on my first tank hypermiling with it and I love it. Steering and braking with the engine off is predictable. It's replacing a 1995 Cavalier with 200,000 miles that needs many repairs.
  11. ssejhill

    ssejhill New Member

    I have a 2008 Mazda5 ... I try to hypermile with it whenever my wife lets me drive it (lol). Great vehicle ... we got a hair over 30mpg on a trip to Florida back in February with it fully loaded (including a roof rack).
  12. straw10

    straw10 Member

    I've done some mild hypermiling and gotten over 32 mpg on 3 or 4 consecutive tanks, but got back into driving faster for a bit. During the summer, I'll revert back to hypermiling since I don't have to rush to work...sitting around 28 which is still over what it's rated...
  13. npauli

    npauli Well-Known Member

    Just got back from a week in Phoenix with a Mazda 5. Pretty respectable little van. I got about 25-26 mpg with the 5 auto without doing any more hypermiling than going light on the pedals. That's with lots of short trips, not knowing the roads, and all the AC the little thing can crank out.

    If I was certain we'd stop at 2 kids, I'd consider buying one. >2 kids (and stuff, and extra passengers), and I'd probably go for a Toyota Sienna or similar.

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