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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by brick, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. brick

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    I saw a great one today. As I was motoring along at 57mph in the right lane I heard the unmistakable sound of a V8 at full throttle. Then it stopped. Then I heard it again, then it stopped. And again, and again and again...and then I figured out what was going on. This guy in a Camaro got stuck doing a paltry 70mph in the left lane with no place to go. Apparently he got frustrated and decided to take it out on his fuel economy. What he did was back off a few car lengths, floor it until he got within a car length or so, slam on the brakes, back off, floor it...rinse and repeat. I'm thinking a misunderstanding of the term "Pulse and Glide?"
  2. laurieaw

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    ROFLMAO.....i have seen that done. another version is when one is stuck behind you for a while, when they find an opening, and floor it as they go by making that horrible, pancreas rattling noise.....as $3 a gallon blows out their tailpipes

    bigger the engine, smaller the brain.....and so on downward ;)
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    That got me giggling as well, ditto laurie!

    I get that kind of thing all the time driving the Vette. Some joker in a Mustang, Camaro, or jacked up truck will pull along side, downshift and do the whole gas wasting inverse "pulse and glide" thing wanting to race. I'm sure a this would be an irresistible invitation to a younger man but I just ignore them.

    One time some punk followed me all the way into a Denny's and since I wouldn't race he wanted to fight instead. I ate elsewhere. BTW I was not hypermiling, just cruising at the speed limit on a 4 lane at 70 mph!!
  4. Chuck

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    Maybe he thinks it's Punch & Grind. :D

    Maybe he is a buddy of the guy I met at PR: 98.9mpg and Fast & Furious Stunt Reject

    I'm considering at HybridFest of sneaking on a group of you like these flipping drunks:
    • ...from around the corner, charge and weave
    • Do an abrupt stop behind someone - doing the butt-wiggle
    • Have this look of someone possesed. :p
    ....sound crazy? I've made my point.
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