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Discussion in 'Toyota Camry Hybrid' started by Dan, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Yup. Nissan licensed the electric motor and battery technology from Toyota. But, they mated it to their own 4 cylinder ICE.

    So, since I don't see much info out there on SG usage with NAHs, I wonder -- should I try your data?

    Also, from one of your earlier posts in this thread, Dan, you said:

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean in the bolded sentence. Since we control the GPS, why would it be that high in a glide? Aren't you supposed to coast in a glide?

    Maybe I don't understand GPS correctly. Isn't it the measure of the actual percentage you press the gas pedal down?

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    sure... try the codes on the NAH. The question is really whether or not they used toyota's software. I suspect they used thier own, since they want all the Nissan SW tools to work.

    As for GPS in a glide, I was referring to SHM which is a different beast. You pulse at light throttle, and glide at very light throttle.

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    Well, the GPS XGauge codes didn't work. How did you figure those out? Is there a way for me to figure out what mine might be, or if I even have a sensor?
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  6. cephraim

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    Any updates on SHM in the TCH? Anybody try this in the NAH yet?

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    Hi Cephraim:

    ___SHM can be seen without X-Gauges other than a minimum SoC it is allowed due to ICE charging of the pack. What you are looking for is a jump to a steady state high FE around 60 – 65 mpg at 50 to 55 mph with a specific IGN and at very low RPM. Below 1,350 RPM in fact.

    ___It will almost certainly not correlate to Toyota’s 14/18 (Prius-II) or TCH (18/18) but will be something else if Nissan allowed such a low RPM mode while attached to a THS drive.

    ___Good Luck

  8. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    its funny to read, years later to find out im getting this car, although my firmware is truly outdated on the scangauge II :(
    anyone googling this is your best bet:
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    Hi Phil:

    I am sure you will enjoy it too! :)

    This one goes back quite a few years!



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