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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by lamebums, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Right Lane Cruiser

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    KWJ, just edit the url pointing to your current banner and include the letters "his" (short for history) in front of the number at the end. In your case, this would be:



    By the way, it looks like you have just a snapshot in your signature -- instead of using the signature picture function of the site add in the link you see above with IMG tags around it and it will automatically update as you add tanks. :)
  2. The results match what i assumed after viewing everyone's posts on certain topics.
  3. warthog1984

    warthog1984 Well-Known Member

    Really? I thought I'd wind up slightly right economically. Although, from an objective POV, the questions were tilted left fairly hard. Maybe that threw it off.
  4. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    The poll is roughly consistent with observations made on the forums. For instance, I won't deny a "Church Lady" streak (from Saturday Night Live in the 90s)
  5. bomber991

    bomber991 Well-Known Member

    The Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -3.62
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.36

    A lot of the answers though I just answered Strongly Agree/Disagree and really just did agree/disagree on the ones I felt neutral about.
  6. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    ^^ Agreed... definitely needs a "neutral" option. More neutral phrasing of certain questions would help as well. I suspect I'd be closer to economic zero-ish and social -5 or so.
  7. bomber991

    bomber991 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'd probably be a lot closer to Bush if I could pick the neutral/don't care option.
  8. desdemona

    desdemona Well-Known Member

    Yep, I figured out. But then I am really a Trekker!
    (Even watch reruns of Enterprise--- that's Trekker.)

    friend of Porthos
  9. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Economic Left/Right: 0.88
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.85

    Hmm, pretty much what I had picured. A social libertarian with a fiscally conservative bent.
  10. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I thought you'd be over in this corner of the grid.
  11. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    Rotate this graph 45 degrees to the left.

    Delta Flyer, RyanDodgeRam, bestmapman, PaleMelanesia, and worthywads form say, the bottom of the bumper of a lifted pickup.

    So what does that blob of people at the bottom now represent? Truck nutz, perhaps?:D
  12. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Now we are getting into Sigmund Freud territory....does this picture remind you of a man, woman, or a butterfly? :D
  13. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    Now you got me started. :D


    Figure skating, perhaps?
  14. SlowHands

    SlowHands Hypermiling Ironman

    Ok I'm late to the party... but land almost on top of xcel and Ghandhi ...
    -3.75 and -1.13
  15. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    OK so based on Lamebums Freudian picture, that puts you right at the ...better not say I don't want to get banned.
  16. GreenBlues

    GreenBlues Well-Known Member

    I finally got the time to do this. It is somewhat embarrassing but it is kind of what I expected comparing some of my posts with most here.

  17. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    We need someone at -1.5, +1. That way we could make it a woman's figure, instead (and get away with it). 93Hatch is close enough for ahem...the other side, so then we just need someone at +2, +4. :D
  18. desdemona

    desdemona Well-Known Member

    I forgot mine, it was something like maybe -7.25; -7.25 (nearly identical as I recall).
    It wasn't too surprising.

  19. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles

    Economic Left/Right: 2.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.28
  20. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

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