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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by zxed, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. zxed

    zxed New Member

    I currently own a 07 Prius, its got everything on it, and a 2003 ML350.. you can guess that im window shopping for a replacement for the ml350... its a great car BUT

    i drive 6-12 miles a day
    i have to fill up with premium
    i fill up every 7 - 10 days!!!

    the ml350 gives me 12 - 14 mpg., :)
    my wife drives the prius, she dives about 33 miles a day to school and back.. she will graduate this december. ...

    I got a flyer from a local dealer that will allow me to do a trade in., they will give me market value on my car (or so they claim) if i trade it in, and will also give me $1k off.... but thats just lame coz they will expect me to pay market value for a new car... and to be honest.... bluetec isnt for me., id rather go electric+gas, or full electric...

    why not go clean diesel + electric? .... but thats a different topic.

    i have though of getting another prius, but then i will have 2., while that is great, here is the bigger issue... i will be leaving the US next august., me and my wife., so we will be selling the prius, it will be an easy sale, the prius will have just about 20k miles on it. its an may 2007 production date..

    if i buy a second prius, ill need to sell it next fall, it wont have more than 5k miles or so on it :( i might break even on that sale....

    if i replace the ml350., id like something that has 3-5 times its mpg.. i pay $300/mo for the benz., and $400 for the prius (benz was used)

    i am considering. (after i sell off the benz)

    1. buy a sports bike, r6...
    2. buy a smart car (benz)
    3. buy a camry (hyb) or a nissan altime
    4. buy a lexus (hyb)
    5. buy a yaris, or a honda fit

    i dont really see any cars that i like, i would rather just buy a bike for now and buy a 2009 TESLA, or a ZAP-X or a ZAP-Alias... something along those lines...

    one day i want a small high mpg car, the other day i want a porsche suv :( or a lexus IS 400
  2. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I would put my money on a second Prius. The resale value on the Prius should be very high.
  3. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    you might consider a used civic, even a non hybrid. with careful driving you can get great FE with one, especially a manual transmission. they also should be easy to sell when the time comes.

    i am on my 4th honda, and my ex is still driving the 93 civic i bought new back then. and can get up to 40MPG with it.......

    good luck in your search.
  4. lightfoot

    lightfoot Reformed speeder

    Sounds like you and your wife will be leaving the US in August and then returning at some point? Why not keep the Prius and store it somewhere while you are away? Or I am sure many people here (including me) would be happy to take care of it while you are gone!!!
  5. zxed

    zxed New Member

    Haha, we will be moving for good so the vehicles must go... Moving to united Arab emirates, Dubai. I grew up there

    While the gas will be slightly cheaper. I think the hybrid will have issues with the high humidity and salt content. Pretty sure those batts will leak or die sooner than expected?

    I might still be doing business in the us so in that case I'll have my bike here for at Least another year. I plan on holding onto my house for at least another year

    As for the civic or a used car... I really want a new car, its my turn to have a new one. Ive always bought used..

    I'm really eyeing the fisker karma
    50 miles electric before it uses gas to recharge the ions,, interesting car. Its a 4 dr, look it up

    Its a good 80-100 grand so... I might have to settle with getting the bike for now and then later on getting the karma

    I keep thinking I cld be happy with a camry but the mpg isn't enough.. This month I have been using the prius once wife is home to go to the gym and she drives us around, last time I filed the ml350 was 3/30. It will need to feed again soon,

    The avg I spend on gas is 210 per mo, so that's now down to $100?
  6. Kinder

    Kinder Well-Known Member

    Best car for resale bar none is the Mini Cooper--the new engine in the 2007 and 08 hardtop models is rated at the same combined mpg as the Yaris... second best car for resale is the Prius. If you owned both, that'd be quite the killer combination.
  7. zxed

    zxed New Member

    I'm 6 ft 3inc tall, 270 lbs.. A major issue I face is that my legs don't fit properly in many smaller cars, mainly because my legs get stuck under the steering, specially if its a stick shift

    Even some regular sedans give ne grief. Got too much muscle on them legs, if it was fat I could have jellowed my way ;)

    I would rather purchase a smartcar than a mini ;)
  8. atlaw4u

    atlaw4u Well-Known Member

    I'm 6'1, 180lbs and I fit quite well in the Mini, Yaris & Fit. Any of these would be a smart buy with the Yaris being the lowest purchase price. If you opt for the Fit I would wait for the 09 model as it will be a new design body style and thus, better resale value. Another good fit would be a Civix hybrid or non-hybrid. You may also want to conisder a lease.
  9. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Comfort for tall people is, ironically, one of the Mini's greatest strengths. I have always wanted one but get scared off by the reliability issues.
  10. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    To "weigh" in, I'm 230lbs @ 6'5" and have found I fit fine in any of the following cars: Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Yaris, Honda Insight, current model Honda Civic, HCH-II, Prius, and Smart ForTwo. I'm sure I've left a few out but my 38" inseam fits in a surprising number of places.

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