CleanMPG?s Car of the Year and you decide who wins!

When someone talks ?Hybrid?, nine out of ten times, the 46 mpgUS rated Prius comes to mind. Since its inception in late 97, the Prius has been sold to over 1.2 Million customers worldwide and has single handedly saved more fuel for its customers in the US than every other hybrid available combined! Besides its notoriety, the Prius also had a special year with us here at CleanMPG. It was first featured in a Discovery Channel shoot in LA pulling 99.9 mpg + segments again and again and again, pulled round trip segments from 108 to 136 mpgUS at the World Fuel Economy Championships, made it from Chicago to NY City on a single tank of fuel and finally showed both a German and US film crew how to pull some spectacular numbers from the mighty Prius while php?t=15133]Hypermiling NY City style[/url]. A favorite on sheer number of units sold.

CleanMPG?s Car of the Year and you decide who wins!
xcel, Dec 26, 2008
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