Snake Oil files?

Has anyone emailed you about these conversions which introduce Hydrogen into the fuel mix? They claim to burn all the fuel instead of 85 / 90 per cent and so increase the mileage of the car, per tankful. The ones I've seen have an electrical device which fools the computer to think the mixture is normal, and so a leaner mix is achieved, and so one gets better mileage. I'd welcome an expert view of them, if you've seen any. -- -- -- My ?expert? view is that they are a complete waste of time and money, dressed up with some technical sounding babble that pretends to be science. It isn?t science and it isn?t correct. Claims that an engine only burns 85 per cent of the fuel are complete nonsense, although it is a claim often used to justify the bogus theory behind lots of these worthless devices.

Snake Oil files?
xcel, Nov 4, 2008
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    Nov 4, 2008
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