Lee Moons 2011 Honda CR-Z

I've driven about 74,000 miles during the past 5+ years of owning this awesome little car. It's the Honda CR-Z with CVT and while certainly not the most efficient vehicle out there, at the time (August 2010), I wanted something sporty and efficient. My overall average fuel economy is 43.9 mpg calculated at the pump over those 5+ years. The car is rated at 35 city/39 highway/37 combined, so I'm seeing a little better than EPA. During the past year I've been seeing 46-48 mpg fill ups pretty regularly. Could I do better? Yep, but I like to use the a/c essentially all the time and cruise control to keep me from driving too fast. smile emoticon And then there's the temptress known as the Sport Mode button. LOL! :D I get out of my little Honda and always look forward to seeing what Wayne and everyone else achieves. You guys are my heroes!

Lee Moons 2011 Honda CR-Z
xcel, Oct 10, 2015
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