Hybrid Hypocrisy.

That?s right: the megawatt popularity of hybrids is dimming and Americans are rediscovering their favorite automotive guilty pleasure, gas-guzzling SUVs. And here?s something even more shocking: a surprising number of Americans have it both ways. They own a hybrid and an SUV. According to an analysis for NEWSWEEK by researcher GfK Automotive, 24.2 percent of hybrid owners also have an SUV in their garage. Oh sure, plenty of hybrid owners like small cars, too. One in five of them has a diminutive gas sipper in the family fleet. But SUVs, from large to little to luxurious, are hybrid owners? No. 1 stablemate, according to GfK, an affiliate of the Roper research organization.

Hybrid Hypocrisy.
xcel, Nov 13, 2006
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    Nov 13, 2006
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