2009 Chicago International Motorcycle Show

Which brings us to this year?s ?28th annual - Cycle World International Motorcycle Show? in Chicago. Just two days ago, it was minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the Chicagoland area. Why would anyone consider a bike of any sort in these kinds of weather conditions? First of all, summer really does occur in the Midwest albeit for a very short period and two, bikes are not only fuel efficient but fun to ride. As can be seen on any gas station in America, if two riders who have previously not known each other are filling up, a friendly conversation is guaranteed to ensue. While riding your own bike, pass by on oncoming rider and 75% of the time, an under the bar ?Bike wave? is offered no matter they type of bike ridden or the age of the rider.

2009 Chicago International Motorcycle Show
xcel, Feb 7, 2009
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