The 10 most fuel-efficient new automobiles available in America

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    [​IMG] With fuel prices averaging $2.69 per gallon this week, the vehicle list below can help save you the most at the pump.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 16, 2008

    Hybrid and non-hybrid Fuel Efficiency comes to a head in terms of $’s and ¢. What is the cheapest vehicle to drive a standard distance of 15,000 miles per year with gasoline costing the current $2.69 per gallon available in America today? We put America’s vehicles to the test and the following may not surprise but may help you decide what your next vehicle may or may not be.

    2010 Toyota Prius - Known as “the” hybrid vehicle and is quite the sales success for Toyota Motor Company. With fuel becoming more expensive and the Prius’ best in class fuel economy plus luxury amenities, expect to see many more on the road over the next few years.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $807
    50 MPG combined
    Base price: $22,000

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2009 Honda Civic Hybrid - The Civic Hybrid combines a small 1.3L engine with a large electric motor to not only achieve the second highest fuel economy available in the US but perform similar to every other vehicle in terms of stop light to stop light performance.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $961 -- 42 MPG combined -- Base price: $23,550

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2010 Honda Insight-II - The Insight-II, like the HCH-II is driven by a 1.3L helped by a large electric motor. Not only is it rated as the third most fuel efficient vehicle available in the US, it is also the least expensive hybrid available.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $984 -- 41 MPG combined -- Base price: $19,800

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - The Fusion Hybrid is powered by Ford’s latest 2.5L engine attached to Ford’s top of the line eCVT hybrid transaxle. It is by far the most fuel efficient Mid-sized sedan available.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,035 -- 39 MPG combined -- Base price: $27,200

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2009 Honda Civic GX - The GX runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), not gasoline. Honda also sells an at-home pump system called Phil that uses your home's natural gas line to compress and than fill the vehicle. The Civic GX travels about 225 miles on a single fill-up.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,071 -- 28 MPG combined/gallon equivalent on CNG -- Base price: $25,090

    [fimg=left][/fimg]2010 Lexus HS 250h – Lexus’ first dedicated hybrid provides its drivers with luxury, decent performance and great fuel economy thanks to the Camry Hybrid’s 2.4L motor and the latest iteration of Hybrid Synergy Drive.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,153 -- 35 MPG combined -- Base price: $34,200

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2009 VW Jetta TDI - The VW is powered by a 2.0L turbo-diesel. Along with its excellent fuel economy, its performance tops the list. The only diesel on the list, the Jetta’s fun to drive character makes it an excellent choice.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,187 -- 34 MPG combined -- Base price: $22,270

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid - Nissan’s only hybrid is for sold in only eight states with little hope of being sold in more. To bad as it could set the standard for mid-sized hybrid sedans that others would be compared to. Currently sporting a $1,250 rebate, its value may be even better.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,187 -- 34 MPG combined -- Base price: $26,650

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid - The TCH as it is commonly known is the current US car sales leader. Add the Hybrid option and you receive what everybody else does plus excellent fuel economy. The battery pack takes up some trunk space but with the savings at the pump, most will forgo the smaller than average cargo carrying capacity while smiling all the way to the bank.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,187 -- 34 MPG combined -- Base price: $26,150

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]2009 Toyota Yaris - The smallest car in Toyota’s US lineup but with its hatchback and light weight, it has the utility of cars costing many more thousands of dollars and fuel economy rivaled only by the Smart ForTwo 2-seater among the gasoline consuming non-hybrids.

    Est. annual fuel cost: $1,261 --32 MPG combined -- Base price: $12,205

    * All Estimated annual fuel costs were based on 15,000 miles per year while using the 08 EPA combined figures. Fuel prices included $2.00 per gallon equivalent for CNG, $2.69 per gallon for regular unleaded, $2.89 per gallon of Premium unleaded in the case of the Smart Fortwo and Mini Cooper and $2.62 per gallon of diesel for the Jetta TDI.
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  2. bomber991

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    Re: The 10 most fuel-efficient automobiles available in America

    I suggest the title of this post be changed to "The 10 cheapest to fuel automobiles available in America" since this list is sorted by the annual fuel cost.
  3. xcel

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    Re: The 10 most fuel-efficient automobiles available in America

    Hi Bomber:

    ___Cheapest to fuel and most fuel efficient turns out to be the same thing, other than the calc’s on the GX. The title was to grab attention with the content to persuade. It looks pretty good right now too.

    ___Good Luck

  4. iamian

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    Re: The 10 most fuel-efficient automobiles available in America

    Cheaper and more efficient vehicles than any of those listed would be ANY BICYCLE.

    Of course the Insight is cheaper to run and more efficient than any of those listed as well.

    The Article seems more about New 2008 Cars and ignores anything not new, and any vehicle that is not an automobile.
  5. FocusGuy77

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    Re: The 10 most fuel-efficient automobiles available in America

    The Smart ForTwo makes another exception due to using premium fuel.
  6. atlaw4u

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    IamIan you are correct, the article is itended as a quick review of 2008 model cars currently available in the States.

  7. 2008Mazda3i

    2008Mazda3i Well-Known Member

    The Mazda 3 never gets marks for its fuel economy but I was getting a combined 32/33 like many on that list w/o hypermiling :(
  8. xcel

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    Hi FocusGuy77:

    ___Fortunately, the Smart ForTwo can be driven on Regular unleaded with all the disclaimers known to the web. I added $0.20 per gallon in the calc’s for the Smart to run Premium to show a real fuel cost per mile at today’s fuel prices. I included the methodology in the bottom of the article if that helps?

    ___Iamian, have you seen this?

    ___Good Luck

  9. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    I've used regular gas in my VW VR6 engine for 190k with zero negative effect - my VW/Audi 2.0 TFSI has run regular for 23k miles also with zero negative effect.
  10. mulad

    mulad Well-Known Member

    I'm just wondering when the Tesla Roadster will get added to Maybe it won't for some reason, but I hope it will. Yeah, it's an expensive car, but I just laugh when I imagine newscasters across the nation stumbling over "one hundred and thirty-five miles per gallon" when they annually talk about the most fuel-efficient cars. Well, I'm not entirely sure if they'll officially post 135 mpg. We'll see.
  11. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    why not make an hybrid bicycle? Part electric, part pedal, and regenerate power down hills....would make some sense...I'd ride that all summer. how many lead acid batteries would you need? 2? 3? put a nice sized holder on the back coupled with a small electric motor? hmm...I need to look into this some more. or rather, an atv with an electric and pedal propulsion (for winter) ....oh so many possibilities...this is exciting!
  12. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Mulad:

    ___Given the initial production launch of the Tesla today, I think Reid and I can do a little configuring of the article to include the Tesla and it will indeed be right on the top of the heap ;)

    ___Good Luck

  13. mulad

    mulad Well-Known Member

    Yep, I saw they put out a press release and a blog post saying the assembly line has started up. It'll still be several weeks before they get in the hands of customers, since they need to get shipped to California before getting the battery pack and motor, but things are finally moving along. Heh, they're only a year behind schedule, right? ;-)
  14. bomber991

    bomber991 Well-Known Member

    They already exist. Just the problem is that the pre-made ones only have a range under 10 miles and stop assisting your pedaling once you hit 20 mph. They also look really really dorky. After the charge is gone then you're pedaling a bike that weighs 80 pounds.

    You can however build your own for about $800 to $1000 with 1 or 2 batteries. It'll have a 15 mile range and no 20 mph speed restriction. From what I've read most people say that you don't want the bike to regenerate power while going down the hills because it slows the bike down too much, that it's better to just coast.
  15. rxhybrid

    rxhybrid Well-Known Member

    2008 Ford Escape Hybrid @ 32mpg. It beats a lot of those other automobiles.
  16. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    I'd love one, but doesn't get the kids to school.

    The Tesla site lists the vehicle efficiently at 110 Wh/Mi. Which in my book is about 130.9 MPG, but there are two factors to consider. 110 Wh/Mi DC is probably going to translate to about 120-130 Wh/Mi AC since the inverter has some inefficiencies. So the 130.9 MPG, if measured against this will shrink to about 100 - 115 MPG. Also since these are figures that the Manufacturer is listing, they are probably kind of like CAFE numbers (66.7 MPG for Prius). Given that most (Joe Nascar) people are 30% below CAFE, I'd suspect that the real world efficency of the Tesla to be about 160 - 180 Wh/Mi or 80 - 90 MPG for your average non-schooled driver.

    Of course, put Wayne behind the wheel and were in the 200 MPG range, no problem.

  17. mparrish

    mparrish Rosie the Riveter Redux

    I would expect Wayne's Tesla to actually end up PRODUCING electrical output. "Wayne's Tesla power plant", or "little grid beauty". We'd have him drive continuously at night to provide power for a small village. :)
  18. mulad

    mulad Well-Known Member

    Here's what Tesla claims to have seen in real-world driving. I'm sure it's not the entire range that's possible, and this was also done with a different motor & transmisison than what actual consumers will get.
    • 267 miles of conservative urban driving in the suburbs around San Carlos (a best-case scenario)
    • 230 miles from North Lake Tahoe to San Carlos with two occupants plus luggage
    • 227 miles of highway cruising on the I-5 freeway, south of Stockton
    • 222 miles including sporty driving from San Carlos to Santa Cruz via the hilly Skyline Blvd, and highway cruising from Santa Cruz to San Carlos via Hwy 1, San Francisco, and US 101
    • 213, 209 and 203 miles of highway cruising with A/C using I-280, Hwy 85 and US 101
    • 186 miles of aggressive driving on I-280 and the round trip from Woodside to San Gregorio Beach via Hwy 84
    • 165 miles of impatient commuting, aggressive stops and starts, high speeds, and air conditioning on from Saratoga Gap to San Carlos via Hwy 9, Hwy 85 and I-280 (a worst-case scenario)
  19. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Interesting statistics!! I could go a LONG time on a charge if that is what they are seeing. :D
  20. shifty35

    shifty35 Well-Known Member

    We'd lose more due to self-discharge because it's taking us so long to actually discharge it!

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