The hybrid community loses a special vehicle :(

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    Highest mileage Super-Prius in the world may no longer with us but its memory will be with us for a very long time none-the-less.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 2, 2007

    Final odometer reading, 345,678 miles and a half tank of gas still left to be driven.

    January 30 - 06:59 PM EST: A very special 2002 Super-Prius was hit at the intersection of Highway 139 and Highway 28 in the Town of Randolph, MA last Wednesday evening. The Prius in question was heading west bound on Highway 139 while a 1994 Mercury Sable was heading east in an oncoming but parallel fashion driven by a male, 17 years of age. Both drivers had a clear view of their surroundings and under a green, the Sable driver decided to make a left at said intersection at the last possible moment -- violating right-of-way for the west bound Prius and driver. The rest is proverbial history.

    Left in the collision's wake was a very special but now totaled 2002 Super-Prius with its airbags deployed, coolant and oil bleeding onto the pavement and the infamous triangle of death displayed on its MFD.

    When driver Jesse Rudavsky tried to resuscitate the vehicle at the scene, all that could be heard was a gasping, high pitched and erratic whine of electrics trying to boot up and propel the now deceased Super-Prius. Fortunately for Jesse, he was suitably buckled in and the Super-Prius gave up its life with every safety feature at its beck and call activating on cue so that Jesse could continue on unharmed and able to walk away without a scratch.

    The Sable Driver was issued a citation for failure to yield and Jesse was picked up by a friend in a 2005 FEH who lives just a few miles away.

    A wake will be held in honor of the fallen Super-Prius at a wrecker yard in the Hingham, MA. sometime later this week :ccry:

    Super-Prius’ History

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Jesse found his now-deceased 2002 Super-Prius-I online for $10,000 with 84,000 miles on the odometer. Gas was at $1.70 on that fateful day back in March, 11, 2004 and little did he know how far his own “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” would take him for nearly 4 years.

    Road to Mt. Evans, CO. – 310,823 mile earlier last summer/driving around a parking lot in Madison during a FE clinic ;)

    Recent Florida Trip – 333,333 miles late last fall

    345,678 miles – Now deceased Super-Prius-I :(

    Many of Jesse’s friends thought he was crazy for taking a "gamble" on a used hybrid with that many miles. I think it can be easily said that this particular gamble paid off in spades. With multiple trips to Florida, the Rockies of Colorado, and the deserts of California as well as all points between, this particular Super-Prius has seen more than most owners -- and certainly more than most any vehicle will see in a lifetime of service.

    May the 2002 Super-Prius rest in peace …

    On a much more positive note, the temporary transportation rental he will drive until the insurance pay-off is completed happens to be a brand new 2008 Toyota Prius-II. Jesse is enjoying this vehicle immensely and from the sound of his voice, I suspect one very like it will be his own personal ride a lot sooner than later :angel:
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    oh sh*t how maddening is that?
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    Wayne, I'm making a few edits...

    All yours now!
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    Hi Laurie:

    ___That sucked big time :ccry: The good thing is the insurance payout is supposed to be something like $7,000 which cost him $3,000 plus fuel and insurance for 260,000 miles of driving!

    ___Sean, thanks. I was hoping you would be around. I wanted to have a little fun with this one while still getting the message across. I think Jesse would appreciate it ;)

    ___I will halt any more editing until I see your final product and up it will go.

    ___Good Luck

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