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  1. So i figured i woul dask this question. As i am 6'9 i drive a car that for my size is about as small I can get withoput putting my own safety in major risk. Dont want my knees too be into the engine compartment in an acident anytime soon.I wanted too know/start a discusion about this. As I k now that smaller cars get better millage. But for me it dont do any good too drive something that gets 60mpg if i feel like a sardine in as well. I got a motorcycle too get those numbers anyways.
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    Wow. You're tall! Let me say first, don't even bother test driving a Prius. I put my 6'4" brother in there once and it was comedic at best. (I'm 6'1" and have **just** enough room for my long-ish legs.) European makes tend to be better for tall drivers. I don't normally recommend VWs, but maybe you should have a look? Especially at TDI varieties?
  3. xcel

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    Hi Stretched Over:

    ___One thing that may surprise you is that smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles are sometimes larger for the driver and passenger than a vehicle of a mid-size or large car proportion.

    ___Let me give you an example …


    ___That is the 2008 Smart Fortwo – Sean is in the drivers seat. Probably one of the largest driver vehicles I have ever driven in actually although from the outside, it almost looks like you could put the “whole kit and caboodle” into a suitcase ;)

    ___My suggestion is start car shopping. The Insight was an especially good vehicle for a taller person although you sit lower and your legs more straight out in a sitting position than most. The HCH-I would not work for you. The HCH-II might but it would be a stretch. I think you would not like the Prius because the bottom of your thighs would be up in the air while trying to find a somewhat comfortable position. Last gen Corolla’s ergonomics are a mess for a taller person. The latest 09 (latest Gen) might work with its telescopic wheel. Yaris, I am not sure. Fit? Unknown as it has been a while since I sat in one although you have an easy 8” on me …

    ___Good Luck

  4. Right Lane Cruiser

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    I'm 6'5" so you've got a bit of height on me...

    The only good example I have is an experience back in 2000 with a VW New Beetle. I sat in it and was shocked to find I could adjust the seat such that I wasn't able to work the pedals! :eek:

    One of these with a TDI might be a decent choice but Wayne tells me it has terrible ride quality.

    Since it is based on the Golf platform, possibly one of those has a lot of leg room as well?

    Also something to keep in mind -- some shops can install "seat rail extenders." Before I bought my Insight (which you may actually be able to drive if your legs are 2" longer than mine) I considered getting a manual HCHI and finding a shop to do a seat rail extension. I loved driving Laurie's car and got fantastic mileage in it through some less than ideal terrain, but there just isn't enough leg room. Great car but my ankle hurt for weeks afterwards because of the angle. I'm sure you wouldn't fit at all.

    The HCHII has more room, though it still feels a little tight. I'm not sure if you would fit.

    I've not had the chance to drive a large selection of contemporary vehicles so that's about the extent of what I can suggest.

    EDIT: Good catch, Wayne! I forgot about the Smart. :) Stretched_Over you could fit in that I think.
  5. 2TonJellyBean

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    In addition to the others mentioned, the Camry and newest Accord have excellent legroom. The Honda Civic SiRs from around 2002-2005 that came from the UK had great legroom.
  6. Corolla07

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    I'm 6'1 and I fit in the Corolla fairly well. The only problem I have with the car is that I have to reach far to get hold of the steering wheel (no telescopic steering), which was uncomfortable at first but I later got use to it. Since your 6'9 a Corolla would be a disputable car for your choice. I recommend a Scion XB and even the new XD might work. I have a friend who is 6'7 and he fits in XB comfortably and still has good legroom to spare too.
  7. CoasterToasterXB

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    I'm 6-4 and fit really well in my scion xb:)
  8. DebbieKatz

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    My 6'2" husband has room to spare in my FEH (all right everybody, you knew I *had* to put in a plug for it :D) - although he's never been behind the wheel :eek:

    You might check one out - yeah, it's more than a small car, but it gives a good return in mpg's to the conscientious driver :)
  9. thanks but i guess i'm not really looking but of course always on the look out for possiblities down the road. My ex-wife had a new beetle and i even loved driving that thing its one of the best cars for taller people but they have no trunk space what so ever tough too just go get groceies in that damm thing when we were together. I actually love my 2006 mazda6 and am happy with the millage i get from it. As i also have my little ninja that gets great millage as well.
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    I've had people 6'11 and 7' in my crx, although they did have to lean the seat pretty far back. :D
  11. fitmpg

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    The dealer told me before I bought my Honda Fit that a six foot, seven inch gentleman sat in one and bought it without a test drive due to the driver compartment size. He had no reason to be making the story up, because I am all of five feet, six inches tall. You might want to take a look at it.
  12. shifty35

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    I'm 6'5" and the Insight is fine - there is at least 3-4 more inches of headroom, easily.

    I'd guess you'd be fairly comfortable unless you are 6'9" and much, much wider as well. :)
  13. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Aha! That makes two of us "giants" in Insights! :D

    I didn't know you were my height, Ben. That's pretty cool!
  14. 2TonJellyBean

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    I'm 6'6 and was very interested in the Fit until I realized it had terrible legroom unlike my '85 Civic (same as the CRXs) which had amazing legroom. I seriously can't imagine anyone 6'9 wanting to buy a Fit.
  15. Vooch

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    Wayne is correct - many small cars have large front compartments - All of VW's A4 frame models ( Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Eos ) are built for Northern Europeans - average height waay taller than us.
  16. bomber991

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    I think that seat rail extension sounds the best cause it basically lets you get whatever car you want. Regardless of what you get I doubt anyone would be able to sit in the seat behind you anyway.

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