Prius Increase Hybrid Sales 40% in 2007

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    (Bloomberg News) Toyota Motor Corp.'s promotion of its Prius, the world's top-selling gasoline-electric auto, helped push 2007 U.S. hybrid sales up 40 percent to a record. Sales may rise at a slower pace this year as Toyota lowers its goal.

    Hybrids may account for 2.4 percent of U.S. new-vehicle sales, market-research firm J.D. Power & Associates estimated Friday. That would be an increase from the 2.2 percent share for 14 hybrid models in 2007, based on Bloomberg data.

    "Gasoline continuing to sell for $3 or more makes everyone more conscious of fuel economy," said Michael Omotoso, J.D. Power's senior manager for powertrain technologies. Growth "is going to come from other players than Toyota, especially GM and Chrysler, because of the number of models they plan to add."

    New hybrids from General Motors Corp. being sold in 2008 include versions of the Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade sport utility vehicles, GM's bestselling full-size SUVs. GM sold only 8,404 Saturn hybrids last year, according to Autodata Corp. Chrysler has said it will begin selling hybrid Aspen and Durango SUVs.

    Japan's Toyota and Honda Motor Co. are the largest sellers of autos that mate gasoline engines with battery packs and electric motors to save fuel and curb pollution.

    U.S. hybrid sales may rise to 382,000 vehicles in 2008, according to J.D. Power

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