Month of November 2021 (Nat'l Avg $3.402)

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    YEAH & yeah……
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    Oh, Boy! Just read that charging EV batteries during a summer month of three days above 80degF, is to be considered heavy “wear & tear” on a battery pack. Our summers aren’t super hot, but at times the heat can be extended. I’ll have to be careful & use our ICE vehicles more during the heat waves. Maybe I can charge the batteries, while in the mountains at a cooler clime. However, a battery pack on average would heat too much going up mountains on warm days. Yes, using the ICE vehicle on hot days is still the best idea.
    Would be good to use the ICE vehicles during cold periods too.
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    Oh, the reason I took the ride to Skagit & Whatcom counties yesterday, was there was a greater chance of rain today. So, what is the weather today? Just beautiful. Blue skies, clear air, even extra warmth for early December. Despite my drive yesterday, I had to take a drive today! The binoculars showed me a wonderful immature Red-tailed hawk. Driving into the Wildlife Recreation parking lot, I scared him off his perch. But, he only flew to a close tree & let my Lucky Binoculars get an excellent view. Wide, white breast & his belly band was broad. Searching eyes were framed by lighter bronze feathering, Long elegant tail, despite NOT having the classic red tail of the mature bird. Looks to be a good candidate to survive our wet & chilly temperatures of the coming winter.

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