Month of August 2021 (Nat’l avg $3.173)

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    With my fortunate purchase of excellent used tires for my ICE vehicles, my eventual purchase of an EV(Tesla Model 3(?)), can also have economy with used tires. Presently, the auto Elantra is driving wonderfully with $40 & $30 tires on the front drive wheels & $20 & $0 tires on the rear wheels. In the past I’ve had a number of free tires that gave good performance. Even if I do drive the Model 3 harder than my ICE vehicles(I won’t) AND have to change tires considerably more often, I’ll feel smug when it comes to tire changes.
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    Sometime over the holiday weekend , someone knocked over my mail box.
    Totally flattened it. Picking up a new one after work today.
    That's irritating.
    Today , 58 deg F in Naperville , 60 in Elk Grove.
    35.2 miles , fcd = 67.5 x .943 = 63.6 MPG.
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    Definitely, my mistake Red, thanks :cool:
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    Decades ago, when the street in front of our house had a 35MPH speed limit, a driver with a passenger powered up by the corner down the way & was going 70+MPH through the bends near our house. They did get through the bends alright. But as I looked out our house window as they went by, they were completely sideways! They hit a combined set of mailboxes just past our house, exploding them like a bomb! They came to a stop in the far end of the yard, two houses down from our place. Five minutes earlier while I bicycled past, kids had been playing in that yard. Could have been dead children AND maybe ME! Also, if their trajectory had been 20 feet to their left, they would have hit a 5 foot diameter cedar tree & probably died. I always loved that cedar tree.
    Yeah……those were REALLY flattened & disassembled mailboxes!
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