Honda March 2018 Sales: 142,392 Vehicles Sold, Up 3.8 percent

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    [​IMG] Civic, that is all. :)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – April 3, 2018

    2018 Honda Civic Sedan

    Zoom capability plus an underrated 32/42 mpg city/highway rating.​

    Honda March 2018 U.S. Auto Sales

    Honda reported it sold 142,392 vehicles in the United States in March, up 3.8 percent above the 137,227 sold in March of 2017. Sales were up 0.1 percent on a daily selling rate (DSR) basis in which there were 28 selling days in March of 2018 vs. 27 in March of 2017.

    Honda’s YTD sales of 362,491 were down 0.8 percent below the 365,293 sold through the same period of 2017. Sales were down 3.3 percent on a DSR basis with 77 selling days in 2018 vs. 75 through the same period of 2017.


    Honda March and 1Q Sales Highlights

    The single model standout was the continuing hot selling Civic. In March, Civic achieved sales of 32,584 vehicles sold, up 3.4 percent over the 31,520 sold in March of 2017. YTD sales of 82,149 were up 0.6 percent over the 81,654 sold during the same period of 2017.


    Top 10 March 2018 sales items of note: The well accepted Equinox continues to outsell the perennial leading CR-V.


    B and C-Segment March 2018 sales items of note: The Sonic had a poor showing into the end of last year but that has since subsided as discounts continue to move it back to a more prominent position in the B-segment. Remember it used to hold on to the #2 spot behind the Versa for months on end just a few years ago. The all-new and imho, best B-segment available, all-new 2018 Accent continues to flounder since its release.


    D and Utility-Segment March 2018 sales items of note: Other than the up and coming 5-series, there is a lot of blank ink in the D-Segment. The all-new Camry is holding its own while most of the segment continues to see sales declines as perspective purchasers continue to move to the CUV where double digit gains show across much of the top 10 in that segment.

    In the Crossover segment, Rogue has held onto its #1 position and #3 overall position through the1Q ahead of RAM pickups. That is saying something!


    Pickup-Segment March 2018 sales items of note: There really is no change other than the sheer volume of Pickups’ sold. The F-Series has outsold 12 of the top 18 manufactures by its lonesome.


    Electrified-Segment March 2018 sales items of note: With a slow January start, Ford has placed a lot of $s behind its Fusion Hybrid and its sales volume again dominates the HEV segment placing the strong RAV4 and fading Prius behind. The Camry Hybrid although not moving beyond its stagnant 5th spot within the HEV Top 10, the positive sales results bode well for continued success of the most efficient midsize available today.

    On the electric front, the Prius Prime PHEV now accounts for 41.8 percent of the Prius liftback sales. Given the lower cost and plug-in capability, is it any wonder?

    Tesla, Honda, FCA, and Kia do not supply HEV/PHEV/BEV monthly sales breakouts.

    U.S. Automobile March 2018 vs. March 2017 Market Share Comparison


    March 2018 Market Share items of note: GM market share was up an extremely strong 1.3 percent compared to March of 2017. On the downside, Ford was down .6 percent, Hyundai was down 0.8 percent, and Nissan was down a steep 1.1 percent.

    U.S. March 2018 Sales vs. March 2017 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 18 Automobile Manufacturers
    Manufacturer ranking Items of note: Hyundai moved back ahead of Subaru despite a double digit negative monthly result. BMW, Mazda, and VW moved ahead of Mercedes-Benz with Mazda and VW achieving double digit sales volumes gains in March. Audi has sold 20,000 U.S. vehicles for just the fourth time and first ever for a March result.

    March 2018 U.S. Automotive industry sales of 1.649 million was up 6.3 percent vs. the 1.551 million sold in March of 2017. On a Daily Selling Rate basis with 28 selling days in March 2018 vs, 27 in March of 2017, sales were still up a healthy 2.6 percent.

    2018 YTD sales of 4.09 million is up .08 million or 2 percent over the 4.01 million sold through the same period of 2017.

    March 2018 automotive industry seasonally annual adjusted rate (SAAR) reached 16.8 million.
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    Truck and SUV sales up 16.3%, cars plunge by 9.2%.

    I'm not sure what use a "push towards electrification" is when the 'big form' vehicles are now making up 75+% of the mix?

    Two identical highway trips in F150 vs Civic. Temps mid 70's with headwind 20 gusting to 30 mph. Pickup mpg got destroyed, from what would have been a "no-wind" 22 mpg down to 16.5 mpg (-25%), and I had to slow way down from my normal 69 mph to do that, doing mostly 60 to 65. The civic would pull a no-wind 50 mpg, I slowed down to 65-68 mph and still managed 47 mpg (-6%)**.

    Point being -- 'big form' vehicles efficiency gets destroyed at typical highway speeds (i.e. 70 to 75 mph) especially when the going gets tough (headwinds, cold temps) -- and any battery/hybridization will quickly become dead weight. A slippery C segment sedan is a different story.

    /even the slippery 'looking' model X is a bad (bad is bad) highway machine.
    **caveat: 91 E0 definitely helps, 87 E10 would have been less durable mpg
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    [​IMG] Honda Canada – March 2018 Overall and Highlights

    Honda Canada reported total March sales of 17,538 Honda and Acura vehicles, down 8.5 percent below the 19,175 sold in March of 2017.

    YTD sales of 42,434 were up 3.6 percent above the 40,971 sold through the same period of 2017.

    The brands best overall seller, the Civic, experienced sales of 6,279, down 22.8 percent below the 8,145 sold in March of 2017. YTD sales of 14,460 were down 6.1 percent below the 15,396 sold through the same period of 2017.

    The Honda CR-V had its best March in history with 4,849 vehicles sold, up 10.9 percent over the 4,374 sold in March of 2017. YTD sales of 12,017 are up an even stronger 14.8 percent over the 10,465 sold through the same period of 2017.

    [​IMG] Canada March 2018 Sales vs. March 2017 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 7 Automobile Manufacturers
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