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  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    I am heading to Hyundai HQ to see the new Hyundai Assurance program release in just a few minutes.

    For those that want to watch, the company is providing a live feed to the event.

    Broadcast of press conference begins today, October 10, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. PDT/1:30 p.m. EDT.
    • The highlight of the show will be the announcement of a new program aimed at updating the car-buying process for the modern shopper

    • This all-new, first of its kind customer experience reflects Hyundai’s ongoing mission to make things better for its customers through every stage of car ownership
    Executives speaking will include:
    • Dean Evans, chief marketing officer, Hyundai Motor America
    • Andrew DiFeo, chairman, Hyundai National Dealer Council; dealer principal, Hyundai of St. Augustine
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  2. xcel

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    It is starting...

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  3. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    The past protections from Hyundai for its customers...

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  4. JonNC

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    Luckily I was able to watch this live.
    I'm excited.
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  5. xcel

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    The new retailing program is called "Shopper Assurance".

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  6. BillLin

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    I didn't get to watch. Let's see how the transparent pricing goes.
  7. JonNC

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    I'm guessing True Car style?
    Without the actual selling price part of the equation (just available discounts) and let the buyer haggle from there?
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  8. xcel

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    Hi All:

    The release. I will have more on this when I get back home.

    Shopper Assurance

    Industry-First Nationwide Commitment to Modernizing Car Shopping Offers More Options and Convenience for Customers

    Launches Today in Miami, Orlando, Dallas and Houston and Will Roll Out to All Hyundai Dealers in Early 2018

    In building on the brand promise to provide customers with a better experience, Hyundai introduces Shopper Assurance, an industry-first nationwide program that streamlines and modernizes the car-buying experience. Today, a majority of car buyers are frustrated with the automotive retail experience and are looking for new ways to shop for and buy a new car. Shopper Assurance focuses on four elements that make the often arduous process of purchasing a car easier, faster and worry-free.
    1. Transparent Pricing: Participating dealers post the fair market pricing (MSRP minus incentives and any dealer offered discounts) on the dealer websites, so the customer knows exactly what the market pricing is for the vehicle. This can reduce the time it takes to negotiate a price and can eliminate the frustration of widely advertised incentives not being available on dealer websites.

    2. Flexible Test Drive: Customers are given the option to conduct a test drive for any new vehicle on their own terms through Hyundai Drive, a platform that allows the test drive to be scheduled by contacting the dealer on their website, by phone or by using a custom-built app (in available markets). The selected test-drive vehicle can be at a location of the customer’s choosing, such as their home, their office or a coffee shop.

    3. Streamlined Purchase: Reduces the time customers spend at the dealer by allowing car buyers to complete most of the paperwork online prior to visiting the dealership for a vehicle in the dealer’s inventory. This includes applying for financing, obtaining credit approvals, calculating payment estimates and valuing trade-ins.

    4. Three-Day Money Back Guarantee: Any customer who is not satisfied with their purchase is given a three-day buy back period to return the car for a full refund, contingent upon a dealer inspection and the vehicle having fewer than 300 miles since the purchase/lease date. This turns potential second thoughts into peace of mind.
    Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor America:
    Shopper Assurance is available for any new model in the Hyundai lineup and will initially launch in dealerships in four markets: Miami, Orlando, Dallas and Houston. It will be live nationwide by early 2018.
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  9. xcel

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  10. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    This makes buying an Ioniq PHEV even more attractive.
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