Hyundai June 2017 Sales Down 19.3% with 54,507 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] Like most OEMs, the CUV provided the strong sales. Tucson was that vehicle.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – July 3, 2017

    2017 Hyundai Tucson Eco - $25,225 incl. mats, D&H provides owners with a 26/32 mpg city/highway rating. Do not even consider any other trim due to the fall off in efficiency.

    That $25,225 is the retail price of course whereas dealerships are offering $5,750 in dealership discounts and manufacturer rebates, plus $500 off for a BoostUp account, $500 more if you are a current Hyundai owner, $500 for Military members, $400 for recent college grads with perfect credit ratings, and another grand of you are an Uber driver.

    $19,475 minus $1 to $2.5k off of that with any of those small print extras for any new vehicle let alone a compact CUV is eye opening.

    2017 Hyundai Tucson


    Hyundai June 2017 Sales Overview

    Hyundai June sales of 54,507 vehicles was down a steep 19.3 percent below the 67,511 sold in June of 2016. The Daily Selling Rate (DSR) was equal to the raw volume as there were 26 sales days in both June of 2016 and June of 2017.

    YTD sales of 346,360 are down 7.4 percent below the 374,060 sold through the same period of 2016. DSR and raw volumes were also equivalent with 152 selling days in both 2017 and 2016.

    The U.S. Automobile June 2017 vs. June 2016 Market Share results.


    To begin, GM moved back ahead of Ford in June although market share is down .3 percent from last June. Toyota gained 0.7 percent and took back what both GM and Ford lost. Nissan gained 0.5 percent while Hyundai took a hard hit, down 0.8 percent. Subaru continued its streak of increasing market share with a 3.6 percent share in June, up 0.5 percent over its share in June of 2016.


    The Silverado finally outsold RAM which had been in the number two spot for the past three months. It also appears someone was pushing Equinox's as mentioned above allowing it to enter the Top 10.

    Rogue is now the #1 selling CUV in the U.S. with its main rival, the CR-V falling out of the Top 10 for the first time in a long time. The RAV4 is right on the Rogue’s heels too!

    The Corolla continues to amaze with a 6th spot in June’s Top 10 U.S. auto sales. It does not feel like a Top 10 car but you cannot fault the almost 1,500 Toyota dealerships ability to move metal despite its lack of competitive features and pricing.


    Segment Items of note

    While the Versa continues to hold onto its number one spot, the harsh sales fall was telling of the marketing and sales push that Nissan is providing it. The Rio has all but fallen off the radar of most apparently.

    In the C-Segment, the large incentives did not help Elantra as the aging Focus and middling Sentra and Corolla easily outsold it. The all-new Impreza is showing newfound Consumer demand. To think it was ever going to be close to the Jetta is noteworthy!

    In the D-segment, Accord and Camry continue to battle for midsize supremacy. Camry will be first to reach dealership showrooms with their all-new model while the all-new 10th gen Accord online reveal in Detroit on the 14th should be a worthwhile watch. The rental fleet darling Malibu is really taking a haircut while Sonata and Passat are not doing well at all either.

    CUVs continue to be America’s choice. Rogue continues its award-winning ways with its segment result moving from third, to second and now into fist over the past three months. Talk about firing on all cylinders!

    In the pickup truck segment, for the third month in a row Ford’s F-Series has outsold the entire GM pickup truck lineup.

    When it comes to Hybrids, the Prius lineup has succumbed to competitor’s offerings all year. The Fusion Hybrid moved ahead of the Prius liftback for the third time this year. January, March, and now June. The Fusion Hybrids YTD sales of 31,537 still lag the Prius liftbacks 33,112 sold through the first 6-months of 2017 but it will be a competition to watch through the second half of the year.

    The Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq together achieved sales of just 3,536 vehicles in June, down a significant 21.2 percent from the 4,487 the combo sold last month. This is the second month in a row in which Niro sales have fallen below their previous months result showing early momentum and marketing promotion have stalled. On the Ioniq front, in April sales were 1,316, may May saw a nice uptick to 1,827 and now June with sales of just 1,348 vehicles, back down to April levels. A lack of inventory on dealerships lots of either model across the country may have something to do with it? With healthy incentives on both the std. 4th gen Prius undercutting the Ioniqs MSRP by thousands, pricing will have to be adjusted accordingly. The Prius Prime's recent incentive increases are going to make it tough for both the Niro and Ioniq PHEVs when they arrive in just a matter of weeks.

    The Accord Hybrid is selling well while the hot RAV4 Hybrid appears to have topped out.

    In the Electric segment, both Volt and the Bolt moved back ahead of the Prius Prime.

    U.S. June 2017 Sales vs. June 2016 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 18 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM June 2017 Sales Down 4.7% with 243,155 Vehicles Sold
    Ford June 2017 Sales Down 5.1% with 227,979 Vehicles Sold
    Toyota June 2017 Sales Up 2.1% with 202,376 Vehicles Sold
    FCA June 2017 Sales Down 7.4% with 187,348 Vehicles Sold
    Nissan June 2017 Sales Up 2.0% with 143,328 Vehicles Sold
    Honda June 2017 Sales Up 0.8% with 139,783 Vehicles Sold
    Kia June 2017 Sales Down 10.3% with 56,143 Vehicles Sold
    Hyundai June 2017 Sales Down 19.3% with 54,507 Vehicles Sold
    Subaru June 2017 Sales Up 11.7% with 52,057 Vehicles Sold
    Mercedes-Benz June 2017 Sales Up 1.1% with 32,328 Vehicles Sold
    BMW June 2017 Sales Up 0.4% with 28,962 Vehicles Sold
    VW June 2017 Sales Up 15.0% with 27,377 Vehicles Sold
    Mazda June 2017 Sales Down 14.7% with 22,342 Vehicles Sold
    Audi June 2017 Sales Up 5.3% with 19,416 Vehicles Sold
    Jaguar/Land Rover June 2017 Sales Up 3.0% with 8,706 Vehicles Sold
    Mitsubishi June 2017 Sales Down 5.0% with 7,625 Vehicles Sold
    Volvo June 2017 Sales Down 15.0 % with 7,303 Vehicles Sold
    Porsche June 2017 Sales Up 0.8% with 4,516 Vehicles Sold

    Within the OEM ranks, Nissan is ever so slowly placing Honda in its rear view. And Kia outsold its parent Hyundai. I was not expecting to see that.

    In June 1.46 million vehicles were sold in the U.S., down 3.3 percent below the 1.51 million sold in in June of 2016.

    June's Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) came in at just under 17 million.

    2017 U.S. Monthly Auto Industry Sales Totals

    January 2017 (+.01 million): 1.14 million vs 1.13 million sold in January of 2016
    February 2017 (-.01 million): 1.32 million vs 1.33 million sold in February of 2016
    March 2017 (-.05 million): 1.54 million vs 1.59 million sold in March of 2016
    April 2017 (-.06 million): 1.44 million vs. 1.50 million sold in April of 2016

    May 2017 (+.06 million): 1.52 million vs. 1.46 million sold in May of 2016
    June 2017 (-.06 million): 1.46 million vs. 1.51 million sold in June of 2016

    For the first half of 2017, U.S. YTD sales of 8.43 million were down 1.9 percent from the 8.59 million sold through the first half of 2016 YTD.

    With a record 17.49 million vehicles sold in 2016, 2017 should still be another solid year although I am predicting we will be under 17 million vehicles sold falling below both 2015 (17.45 million sold) and 2016's (17.49 million sold) if the present sales softening trend continues.

    Remember that when the U.S. economy experiences a drop in GDP for three consecutive months no matter how slight, it is called a recession. While many OEMs are excusing the falloff on reduced rental fleet sales, the industry-wide pull-back is surely keeping board members and CEOs awake at night despite the U.S. economic fundamentals still being positive.
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    Hyundai had a test drive coupon on hyundaiusa last week - $40 to test drive a new Hyundai, available as an Amazon or Target gift card or prepaid Visa. I took the Amazon option and selected the Ioniq as the vehicle to drive. Would be interesting if I can destroy the EPA ratings creeping on traffic. Well, when I got there tonight (a rainy/cloudy Tuesday, after-dinner timing), every salesman in the place was busy with a deal or delivery. I had to wait a while. That's good for Hyundai - people are buying cars - so I don't mind waiting.

    Then I found out the last Ioniq they had rolled out on Sunday afternoon. None in inventory. So you're absolutely right, Wayne. There is an inventory issue.

    Wanting to qualify for the Amazon card, I took a second choice and drove a basic '17 Elantra SE with steelies/drums and the 2.0L Atkinson engine. Nice test drive - maybe 8-10 minutes? The route they drive is very hostile to MPG, with one red (enforced by a camera so no cheating) that lasted a full 1:45 and then you have to wait another 30 seconds for traffic to clear. My choice would have been all right turns rather than all left turns. With no FAS and with the A/C on (I wasn't going to torture the sweaty sales rep since I wasn't going to get a deal going), and no less than 9 traffic lights and a stop sign on the route, I still landed back at the dealer at 32.8mpg on the dash. Considering Hyundai's fairly accurate aFCDs, I was impressed. Compared to the 2011-2015 Elantra, this one feels like a Sonata that's easier to park. The refinement is a revelation for anyone driving a previous generation Hyundai.

    A quick visual scan of the inventory showed a lot of Elantra and SFS lined up, and curiously more Genesis G80s than I'd want to have in inventory if I ran a dealer. With the insane deals on the current Sonata, I wasn't surprised to find they didn't have too many rows of dusty inventory - many if not most are burnin' gas.

    They're darn good cars.
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    Hi Chris:

    I am fan of your prose!!! :)

    I visited a local Hyundai dealer here in Carlsbad to check on Ioniq inventory and cancel some mini-spare orders for the cross country drive yesterday. They had two Ioniqs on their lot and another 12 hidden on an empty storage lot about 1/2 mile away. I am not sure why they were doing that? One of the Ioniqs was an SEL that they added leather seats of all things and had a markup of $2,000??? The other was a Limited, both w/ 0% for 60 months. With 17 Elantra SE's and Value Editions going for less than half the price of an Ioniq all over Southern California right now, the consumer is going to be hard pressed to bite on the much more efficient automobile built off the same chassis. Adding insult to injury, a year out from now, those that paid anything close to MSRP may see lots filled with brand new Ioniqs with $6,500 off marked on the windscreen. Talk about the possibility of a residual value hit.

    The 17 Prius with the now standard advanced and autonomous Safety Sense-P equipment for $5k+ off between the dealers and Toyota is not going to go down without a fight. Especially with Ioniq's being offered at MSRP minus a few hundred bucks. The advantage no matter how much I dislike saying it goes to the Prius.

    Thinking forward a few weeks, with the recent large uptick in Prius Prime incentives in your neck of the woods, I am worried about both the Niro and Ioniq PHEVs prospects when they are released too. The Base Prime Plus can be picked up for less than the cost of a base Prius Two Eco at retail minus the Fed and State incentives. I do not think Hyundai or Kia will be offering their base PHEVs for the same price as their HEVs out of the gate like Toyota is doing today?

    Toyota has almost double the number of dealerships selling 50 percent more vehicles per franchise on average across the country. When you motivate a sales force of that size, look the hell out. The Corolla was the number one selling compact in the country last month. I am in a 17 Corolla LE Eco this week and its only redeeming features over the 17 Elantra, 17 Civic, and 17 Cruze is the standard LEDs and basic Safety Sense. Other than that, it is stripped, uncomfortable, and as the most efficient Corolla available, the Elantra ECO and Cruze EX-T would rip its heart out. Yet look at its sales in the June 2017 U.S. Auto Sales Top 10 details above.

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    The deals on the Elantra are excellent, too. The Tucson seems to be the big seller in this area, and I think that is the big reason why the Elantra isn't moving as fast from inventory.
    Although the Ioniq is likely the better handler for those who enjoy corner carving, thanks to the independent rear and a bit more weight on the rear axle, the Elantra felt like it would handle anything you threw at it.

    The leases on Elantra and Sonata are being advertised heavily, and people are responding. The dealer I went to had a '16 Sonata CPO in the showroom ("Only $59 a month!") which had me thinking they didn't have any old lot cloggers from the back row that they didn't expect to move in the near future. Likely a placeholder until the '18s roll in soon.

    Knowing the deals on the Prius Prime - one of the project managers at the office just traded his '11 Prius for a new Prime because the deal was too good to pass up - I hope Hyundai builds and ships enough PHEVs to get some out on the road.

    I sat in the Ioniq and also it's stockier half-brother at the auto show last April. They're really well made, well equipped and comfortable. They're the perfect commuter cars. Hyundai is missing an opportunity here on Long Island because the Ioniq Hybrid is Clean-Pass compliant, so you can use the HOV on the 495 when flying solo. That is a huge benefit for daily drivers who battle the World's Longest Parking Lot every day. The sales rep I spoke to said the Ioniq doesn't stay on the lot long - they sell quick.
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    Hi All:

    Cleaning out my phone and here are those two lone Ioniq's on the North County Hyundai Carlsbad dealership lot late last week.


    Only two 17 Sonata Hybrids on the lot as well.

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    [​IMG] Hyundai Motor’s Global June 2017 sales totals of 376,109 vehicles is down 15.5% YoY

    Hyundai, South Korea's largest automaker, announced its global sales results for June 2017, recording a total of 376,109 vehicles sold.

    Overseas sales decreased by 16.2 percent compared to the previous year, posting 314,272 units, with continued sales fall in Chinese market. Domestic market sales also decreased by 11.6 percent year-over-year, resulting in 61,837 vehicles sold, mainly due to some pulled-up demand caused by the termination of the temporary reduction in vehicle consumption tax effective end-June 2016.

    Hyundai plans to enhance company’s competitiveness and respond proactively to changes in the external environment. Hyundai also will focus on strengthening sales of various new products which embodies Hyundai commitment to meet popular demand and lead the industry in design, cutting edge technology and eco-friendly vehicles.

    I sure hope they can figure out a way to move more Ioniq's here in the states.
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    [​IMG] Hyundai setback experienced in Canada like the U.S.

    Hyundai Canada announced it sold 12,848 vehicles in Canada during June, off 15.5% compared with June of 2016. YTD sales of 67,879 vehicles are down 7.9 percent compared with the same sales period in 2016.

    Hyundai Canada Model Overview
    • Elantra achieved sales of 4,841 vehicles, up 0.5 percent
    • Sonata achieved sales of 594 vehicles, down 35.3 percent
    • Tucson achieved sales of 2,815 vehicles, down 30.4 percent
    • Santa Fe Sport achieved sales of 2,281 vehicles, down 6.7 percent
    • Santa Fe XL achieved sales of 713 vehicles, down 11 percent
    Canada June 2017 Ranks and Results for the top 7 Automobile Manufacturers

    Ford Canada June 2017 Sales Up 14.1% with 32,777 vehicles sold
    FCA Canada June 2017 Sales Down 7.4% with 29,083 vehicles sold
    GM Canada June 2017 Sales Up 4.2% with 27,151 vehicles sold
    Toyota Canada June 2017 Sales Up 6.5% with 23,436 vehicles sold
    Honda Canada June 2017 Sales Up 14.1% with 19,258 vehicles sold
    Nissan Canada June 2017 Sales Up 13.3% with 16,002 vehicles sold
    Hyundai Canada June 2017 Sales Down 15.5% with 12,848 vehicles sold

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