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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by 2011accent, May 12, 2014.

  1. 2011accent

    2011accent Well-Known Member

    My 2011 Hyundai Accent is ready to be traded in. I'm getting 35 mpg for my year-round average. I think I might be able to year-round average 45 in the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage. Does anyone have one? I'm getting a CVT because I test drove the CVT and the 5-speed,and the CVT cruised at 50 mph at around 1700 rpm. The 5-speed cruised at 50 mph at about 2100 rpm.
  2. 2011accent

    2011accent Well-Known Member

    I hope people comment. I chose this car because the price of ownership was cheaper than anything else. I can't afford to hypermile in the unlimited class. I also want comments on the transmission choice. It seems impossible for the 5-speed to be more fuel efficient than the CVT because of the cruising rpm. Has Wayne driven this car to its potential?
  3. 2011accent

    2011accent Well-Known Member

    The dash computer's simple display has told me that my first 150 miles averaged 55 mpg between yesterday afternoon and all day today. It feels like it may be the cheapest, most reasonable off-the-shelf hypermiling car available in the US. Keep it at a putter. If it starts to hum a drone, the car is communicating clearly that it is functioning up above optimal rpms. The car is equipped with alloy rims, however I included 5 OEM Mitsubishi steels rims so I could have a dedicated set of snow wheels and one full-sized spare. I will mount one of the cars current tires to the spare when I need to replace the original tires. I think I will be using Nokian studded tires, or Pirrelli non-studded snow tires. The snow and ice, here is too dangerous to risk using just all-season tires in the winter.
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I like the Mirage ! It is a simple and effective MPG weapon.

    Does the car have room to stow a full-size spare ? I know my Honda doesn't.

    Good luck with your Mirage. Did you say which transmission you decided on ?
  5. jcp123

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    I like the spirit of the Mirage. Wish more manufacturers made little, cheap, simple cars like it. If your results so far hold up, we may have a fantastic option out there.

    My main concern would be quality...Mitubishi has heavily skimped in that department in the last 10-15 years. They seem to be pushing to be relevant again so I hope they are putting effort into making cars which will play with the big boys again in terms of reliability and durability.
  6. Prozac

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    I would definitely have to agree on the build quality. The last time that I looked at them I was kind of shocked at what I saw. I have owned two Galants in the past and felt like the newer ones were a step backwards.

    I feel that a lot of companies need to focus more in the cheap car arena. The issue lies with a lot of the reporters comparing apples to oranges and ragging on cars that are designed to be nothing more than basic transportation. I always hear "for a couple thousand more" you can step into this and that. This is what gets a lot of American families in trouble, that "couple of thousand more".
  7. tribosessive

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    I examined one on a showroom floor the day they arrived. It's very utilitarian. The quality is reportedly surprisingly good. The vehicle has shown good results in Thailand. I would drive with such a light foot and such rock bottom freeway speeds that I would expect no noise/rpm problems. I expect 60mpg hwy for you and very high city mpg.Tellya what. I saw one fly by me on a flat freeway about a month ago. 90mph est. Give us a report later. All the best sir.

    BTW The Outlander Sport gets a "much higher than average" quality rating from Consumer Reports. Err that mag we all love. Only thing higher is Scion XB.
  8. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Oh don't get me started on Galants...not bad driving cars but the interior made me shudder. The doors on my ragged out Echo close with more authority. Much the same can be said of the Endeavors and Eclipses I drove.

    I agree that from what I have read, much of autojournos flatlining of economy cars comes more from a subjective point of view than a really objective evaluation of purpose vs. what you get.

    Anyhow I am excited to see how the Mirage works out for you. Like the Echo I drive, I think it'll be a much better car for a lot more people than most folks will realize or admit.
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  9. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    But nothing compared to the residuals. I can't imagine a 3 year old car would be that beaten up. Gonna take some super MPG to make up the cost difference of that hit.

    CPLTECH Well-Known Member

    CVT vs. 5 sp
    My guess is that the RPM’s will increase as the motor senses more of a load [as going up a grade], whereas the manual stays where you put it.
    One option would be to increase tire diameter to cheaply change the gearing. However that will change the stopping distance factor.

    I noticed a while back that the only dealer in the Cincinnati area was discounting the cars. Thought that was a bit unusual since dealers don’t normally like to discount the “loss leaders”. Maybe trying to gain a foothold in the market.

    Yes, I like fewer options. My PF has few deluxe options. Over on the PF forum, many gripe about the problems they have with rear AC & auto temp controls. K I S S rules supreme in my book.
  11. atlaw4u

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    How's your Mirage doing?
  12. psyshack

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    The CVT would be enough for me not to buy it. :)

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