Week of January 16th - January 22nd, 2012 (Nat Avg $3.40)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Welcome back to the grind! No driving for me today as it is a company holiday but I'm sure there are plenty of others in the global CleanMPG community who are driving.

    The price of a gallon of regular gas here in the States has gone up one penny since last Monday.
  2. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Oh, thanks Sean for this. I forgot about reporting my numbers this morning.

    Crazy headwind (15+ mph), but that means it's a south wind, which means warm weather. 60 degrees this morning. Also, light traffic and no stop at school.

    • 84.2 mpg / 10.5 mi - to work this morning
    That brings my tank over the magic mark to 70.1 mpg / 718 miles and 1/4 remaining.
  3. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    Freezing temps this morning...
    Had to get a packet at noon.
    • 18.5mi @ 57.9mpgUS -1°C=30°F
    • 22.4mi @ 67.7mpgUS :) 8°C=46°F
    • 18.2mi @ 58.2mpgUS 4°C=39°F
    Today: 60.1mi @ 61.1mpgUS :)
    Tank: 499mi @ 56.1mpgUS

    I inflated tires from 3.0bar to 3.3 (43.5psi to 48) last Friday, it seams my feeling of longer glides positively impacts reality :cool:

    Have fun,

  4. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member

    I have no numbers to report today. It's not that I didn't drive, it was just one of those days.

    Took an angry cat to the vet for that special surgery. Left the vets office and the check engine light came on. Off to ford I went (with the UG displaying the code instead of mileage). Car was in the shop for three hours, and who knows how long it idled while they figured out that there is a problem with the evap system and it needs to be replaced. They said it is okay to drive until the part comes in.

    Oh well, I was having a crappy tank anyway.

  5. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Could have been better but I'll take it. It was 28F and wind was S@ 10-12 mph with gusts to 18 mph. This afternoon it was 38F and wind S@ 10-15 mph with gusts to 23 mph.
    86.2 10.2-to wife's work AM
    72.8 9.3-back home AM
    91.4 9.3-to wife's work PM
    80.1 11.4-back home PM
    Day Total: 82.0mpg over 40.2mi

    Today was the first day of using my FAS button.:woot: You can see that the mileage is a bit higher than usual for my usual segments as all the distance is being registered. I messed up on one of my FAS spots when old habits took over and I used the key.:eek: My son did the majority of the work in my garage Saturday. It took just under 4 hours. Getting it operational only took about an hour but getting the wire inside and the switch mounted in the dash. We still need to ad a bypass for the neutral switch but that is really only for convenience in bump starting. As the mod is installed now, it simulates an auto-stop and will restart with the IMA when the transmission is put into gear, the clutch is released, or the gas pedal is pushed.

    EDIT: We also fixed my hatch release tonight. Parts costs: $5.20. Time: 1 hour.
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  6. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    39,5mpg to gas station and back. '11 Sentra CVT
    36,7mpg to car wash and back - '11 Altima 4-banger/CVT (Altimas are the most impressive cars of their size in our fleet - Camrys could likely rival them, but lack an FCD)
    41,8mpg to car wash and back - '11 Corolla
    41,6mpg to car was, gas station, and back. '11 Sentra/CVT (different one than the one above)
    31,1mpg to car wash, gas station and back. '12 Mustang V6/6A
    40,6mpg to car wash and back. '10 Sentra/CVT
    30,9mpg to car wash and back. '11 Toyota Venza 4-banger
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  7. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great numbers with your new FAS switch Larry :)
    No driving for me this week - car pooling :D
  8. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Despite the spring-like 46F temps, I had a bad morning. There was heavy rain that the wipers had trouble keeping up with and then there was the standing water. Ah well, much better than any other vehicle I have.
    74.2 9.3
    62.6 9.3

    My new "toy";) should have been here today but, due to the wonderful USPS:rolleyes:, it is in the process of being sent back. Unbeknownst to the sender, I don't get mail delivered to my house and the box number wasn't included when it was addressed.
  9. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Well done, Andrew!

    Denis, looks like you are definitely getting the hang of that Prius. :D

    Kirk, when it rains it pours. :( At least now you should be good for a while (after the new part is installed)?? Regardless, I'm sure you'll come back with an FE vengeance. ;)

    Excellent numbers, JCP! :thumbs_up:

    I hope you get your gauge soon, Larry!! Mine told me some interesting things this morning.

    13F (0F windchill), 11mph tailwind from the NNW, snowing with snow/slush covered roads:

    • 92.1mpg for 15.0mi (Home to work)
    The tank is back down to 94.9mpg over 180.4mi.

    I knew the grid charging "stuff" of the battery was giving me some background assist, now I can really see it on the gauge! It varied between 2.8 and 3.4A worth -- significant! With the clutch switch enabled it does cancel it out. FAS with the DC-DC enabled and headlights on shows a draw of 2.1A or so (Dash at minimum brightness and radio on just for the clock) and there is a spike to about 2.8A every gear shift. I thought that last was an indication that I was shifting at too low an RPM but experimentation shows that's just standard behavior on gear change... just like dropping out of lean burn to a standard air to fuel ratio on clutch manipulation is SOP.

    It was also interesting to see the battery pack temp go up 10F with just minimal heater use, and I could easily see the draw from the automatic rear defrost engagement (roughly another amp).
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  10. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Interesting Sean. Now maybe we can see what is going on with the mpg reduction with the switch in the no-assist mode. I can now see why it would be reduced when the pack is at 20 bars but would be curious to see what is going on at 19 bars. Hmm.
  11. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Still nice and warm here in Texas, until tonight.

    81.6 / 10.7 - home last night. Tailwind. Could have been better, but I relaxed and took the speed up a notch (up to the limit at times! :eek: :eek:).
    85.6 / 12.9 - this morning to school and work. 68F and muggy humid.

    The tank is up to 70.5 / 741 mi and down to about 1/8. I'll fill soon, after I get to the 750 mark (3 years unbroken).
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  12. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Geez, Andrew!! You nearly caught me on that last trip!!
  13. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Yes, but it was 68 degrees. It's dropping down to freezing tonight. Bipolar weather keeps things interesting.
  14. FSUspectra

    FSUspectra Practicing true conservatism!

    Had a good ride in this morning. Haven't been keeping track for a while, dealing with battery issues.

    44.8 / 3.0 home to campus

    39.7 / 382.8 tank average, DTE 292.8, needle around 1/2
  15. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member

    Drove to school in freezing rain 42.2/55 miles. Tank is up to 39.4.

    We are getting a heavy wet snow right now, almost three inches in the last two hours. Not looking forward to the run home.

  16. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    yesterday was busier than, than, I can't comeup with anything (Project manager in charge of a new transmission server at work, been working on it for 7 months and went live with it yesterday) Still very busy with a few things needing tweeking.

    Morning with no kids to drop off:
    - 58.4 / 13.1 miles (57F SSW@21 - nice tail wind but the roads were sweating/wet from the humidity)
    - 48.7 / 13.0 miles (64F SSW@21 Gusting to 32) Had a tornado warning broadcast on the NOAA weather radio at about 11:30 PM last night (good greif it is January).
    FCD at 52.0 (up from 51.2)
    Avg for the day was 53.5 over 26.1 miles

    This morning:
    - 47.0 / 13.1 miles (25F WNW@17)
    FCD down 0.6 to 51.6
    ODO at 128.6
    Tank is at about 9/10

    Also this weekend i build a little ramp from left over wood in the garage so that I can just drive up it and park and it gives me just enough roll backwards to get out of the garage and on to the slope of the drive way. How lazy is that LOL:rolleyes:
  17. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Stay safe out there, Kirk!!

    Now THAT is a cool idea! :D:thumbs_up:
  18. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    Not only the tires are better, but the temps are helping too :)
    • 18.5mi @ 59.9mpgUS to office 1°C=34°F
    • 16.5mi @ 61.1mpgUS to restaurant 10°C=50°F
    • 12.9mi @ 65.8mpgUS to office
    • 18.4mi @ 66.6mpgUS to home 8°C=46°F
    Day: 67.3mi @ 62.3mpgUS
    Tank: 567mi @ 56.7mpgUS
    From Friday evening (302mi @ 53.5mpgUS) this is 61.1mpgUS :)
    • the 750mi tank (next tank)
    • the 66.902mpgUS needed to enter the CMPG Hybrid top 50... (end of summer, hope so...)
    Have fun,

  19. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member


    That is a really cool idea.

    Made it home, through slushy slippery roads. Had to divert from my normal back roads route. I started down the road and the plows had not been anywhere close to it yet. Ended up jumping on the freeway, up to the state highway and home.

    37.7/58 miles. Dropped my tank to 38.7.:(

    It's not a fit night out for man nor beast-- Nanook of The North

  20. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Well guys, I can see my tank is about to... well... "tank." :p Against my better judgement I took the normal route instead of the highway. I don't think it was worth the few mpg I managed as I'd only have to have done better than 70mpg on the highway to have bettered the fuel usage and I'm pretty sure I could have done that.

    15F (-1F windchill), 15-19mph cross/headwind from the WNW, sunny with slushy roads:

    • 80.1mpg for 14.9mi (Work to home :()
    The tank is now down to 93.7mpg over 195.4mi with 18 of 20 bars remaining on the fuel gauge.

    Day Total: 85.7mpg over 30.0mi
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