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    Just registered

    I've always been interested in maximizing my mpg but haven't been able to realize much gain. Looking forward to changing that and saving some $$$. I hope I don't fall victim to the extreme. My wife already hates how slow I drive! One of my biggest challenges is leaving late and having to hurry everywhere I go. So....looking here for information and inspiration. Inspiration may be the most needed. Glad I found the site.
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    there is plenty of inspiration to be found here, Groovekin.

    Get ready for some positive change !
  3. Did something change in the mileage log setup or am I not remembering right? It can only automatically pull info for years up to 2006?

    Thought I entered the 2011 xB last year without looking up all my own numbers?

    Was trying to setup the van and Volt
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    I Drive a 2012 passat 5 cyl 6spd auto SEL. What are some things i could do to change my MPG for the better?
  5. yaris12

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    Hypermiler status reply was one of the questions I asked and never got any input
  6. yaris12

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    Yaris Manual 5 spd. I am stuck at 45 to 48 mpg. Looking for more guidance to improve
  7. Jerry Liebler

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    I'm fairly new to this site and would like to get me and my car into the database but can't seem to figure out how. My car is a 2012 plug in Prius base. Like all plug in hybrids it uses both gasoline and electricity. I notice a few such cars in the database that appear to get truely fabulous gas mileage, I suspect they are not counting the electricity. My car and I suspect all other production plug in hybrids are capable of recording EV miles and kilowatts on some sort of trip computer. If the EV data (EV miles and Kilowatts) is gathered and reported with each fill-up separate fuel economy can be computed for each fuel. The EPA data for my car only includes "blended" data but it can be used along with the gas only data to compute an EPA miles per kilowatt (it comes out to 3.1 miles / kilowatt. To compare a plug in to non plug in for gas MPG, one should subtract the EV miles before computing MPG.

    Well I somehow got it to work but I SCREWED UP and added the same tank twice with different dates, how to delete the LATER date?
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    Hello. My last name is Pepper so my tag will be Pepper. My car is a 2014 Volt which gets 39-41 miles on a charge.
    What is the most efficient way to charge the Volt? I have installed a dedicated 110/120 v 20Amp outlet that I use with the supplied charging cable. I have mostly used the default 8 Amp charge and occasionally used the 12 amp charge.

    What driving mode gets the longest range?

    Is there any electronic (software) accessories that boost performance?

    Would a 220volt charging system produce better electric range? Disadvantages?

    Thanks for your ideas, feedbvack
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    I seem to have difficulty getting this first post to work. Tried twice on i-phone, now third time on this home computer. Like the concept of being able to discuss issue with Volt owners and their experiences.

    Name is Pepper. Have (new) 2014 Chevrolet Volt. which I like a lot. Have driven it 1800 miles. At the end of the day, the battery is either depleted or down to 3-5 miles left.

    I had a dedicated 20 amp outlet (110/120) installed before obtaining the car in December 2014.
    Questions about charging:
    1. Is the 8 amp default setting better or more likely to charge more miles (above 39miles) than the selectable 12 amp setting?
    2. I initally considered purchasing a 220 volt charging station, but declined after hearing that I really didn't need fast charging and that fast charging would be hard on the Volt batteries.
    3. I have charged the car several times at fast charge public stations (hotels, malls). Since then, the home charging, regardless of 8 or 12 amp selected, hasn't gone over 39 miles. Is this typical?

    Questions about electronic (software packages) accessories:
    1. Are there any additional control packages that can be employed to improve performance?

    General Questions:
    1. What is the default driving mode?
    2. Should one try to use the low range on the transmission to increase regen braking?

    Thanks for your ideas, insights and feedback
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  10. Your charge miles will suck big time in winter. Doesn't matter if 8 amp 12 amp or level 2

    What area of the country or world are you in?

    Think of low range like A coupon. You will get back a little in L. BuT you won't get back more than you spent.

    L gets some back faster but it doesn't get back more. Just gets it back a bit faster.
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    Its a big forum and my memory isnt what it once was, How do i find my posts?
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  12. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Just click on your username and use the drop-down menu.
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    Thanks.. for the heads up..
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    I have not found the field to post other than as a reply. I am new to this forum, and need help getting started.
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    Welcome rannmillar,

    If you click on Forums and pick a category to post a question, you'll find a tab or button at the top right under your log on name labeled POST NEW THREAD

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    Thanks. I understand now.
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    I mıght as well be a newby here. I was gone for quıte a whıle and now I do not know how to add a car or see the cars I used to have on here. HELP!
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    So... I'm new to the site, and I'm trying to find the Mileage Logs. I've looked for a long time, but have had no luck. Can someone point me to the right part of the site?
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    I don't think the mileage logs exist on this site anymore. I'm now logging at I hope that helps.
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    Thanks. I was wondering why I couldn't find it. Fuelly looks really cool. I think I'll start using that.
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