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    Hm, it seems it's a custom to open a new topic here, so why not :Banane11:

    I finally got my riding licence a year ago, and I purchased my first motorized vehicle as soon as I could (paperwork took 4 weeks or so). It was my long plan, because I moved to Budapest (to live together with my girlfriend, her workplace is here) but my workplace still remained where it was, 60km away. So I had to get *something* to commute. Something with good fuel economy, I decided. I would have liked to feel less guilty for burning the diminishing oil reserves and polluting the air of our only planet... a motorcycle seemed to be a good idea. Uncomfortabl at winter, but then I can retain my old living style, staying at Székesfehérvár (@ my mother's place) on workdays and catch a bus to get back home... which would be impossible daily (12 hours work + 5 hours travel+walk, no bus at dawn, etc...).
    So Teresa's here. A silver BMW F650CS with ABS. Nice bike, catched my eyes, sufficient power for freeway rides (I feel that 50HP plenty, but I'm a conservative rider to begin with), and hopefully not bad FE (read: better than just about anything I could get and stronger than a 125cc), EFI and 3-way catalytic converter, must be pretty clean... I named her after a character in an anime series, that Teresa is a Claymore warrior, half human, half monster, superhuman strength and speed (check), silver eyes and outfit (check), run and fight on a diet of 2 apples per week (hoped to check).

    I started my driving 'carreer' with her, at the age of 29.
    Began conservatively. FE always floating before my eyes I never understood red light racers and notorious speeders in general. I started with keeping the speed limits, going with trucks in the rightmost lane on the freeway to work (they're allowed to go at 80 km/h here so they usually do 90-100), with some hint of driving without brakes and nice-on coasting in the stop&crawl situations - these felt natural to me, just like not to speed up for short distances, accelerating lightly and using the highest possible gear. And not idling in vain, of course. And to continue to use my feet for short, few km distances. Just some (un?)common sense.

    But lately I got more into this *miling game, as I always was curious how far can I go with this small tank of Teresa's, how efficiently can I ride her. In the early months I was getting 3.2l/100km or so, which I didn't find bad, but my perfectionist self was constantly wispering in my ear to get better at it. It's not impossible, after all! The next oil crisis is nigh, prices may skyrocket any year, we'll probably get gas in limited amounts for tickets soon... and something in me made the approaching apocalypse a game :Banane09: Yeah, I'm a split personality. No problem, being efficient at riding can't make any harm...

    After getting her in a better shape (and getting her back with somewhat overinflated tires and seeing that it may be good) in the spring I began to hone my *miling skills too. I found FE pages and forums and learned techniques. I started with DWL, but I'm almost out of it by now as I lowered my cruising speed - I ride ~45-50mph when I can, ~45 being the 'floor' of 5th gear of Teresa I can't really get slower uphills.

    The enlightement reached me at the GasSavers forum.
    I can't get slower, but I can get faster! If I do the opposite of DWL and just let her roll down the other side of the hill, I'm doing something like P&G... then it became real P&G because I lost speed too quickly even downhills. I indulged in hypermiling, I got to the point where my most used 'braking' method is nice-on coasting, followed by DFCO... I'm trying to anticipate as much as I can, brakes are only for the unforeseen and for complete stop. That's why they're there after all, not to senselessly waste precious energy... I even got brave enough to do some FAS, not just at long stop lights. Good that bikes have kill switches by default...
    I'm afraid I can't be saved. Fellow bikers just won't understand my riding style. I'm longing for the day when I'll do these coasting manuveurs on hilly backroads so transparently that I can enjoy the view undisturbedly again. That was my other reason to get a bike, after all... to go on tours, enjoy the countryside flowing backward around me, and to get where I couldn't get before... which is pure joy. But I think I can manage soon ;)

    Technical stuff later, I suppose. I have questions about air drag vs gears, for example. And air drag vs windshield size/angle. We have another bike, Ciliegia, its mileage log is still not here, it's a Hyosung GV250, I should get even better results with it, but I just can't. But save it for later.

    And, for the last, a pretty deceptive picture - I'm not with my girlfriend here (she HATES to be photographed!), but a fellow cosplayer (she played Kana/Haibane Renmei back then) at the last SakuraCon at Budapest. Just to show myself at my best, dressed up like an anime character :D

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  2. Chuck

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    Welcome to CleanMPG and great introduction!

    One of these days I'm going to get my motorcycle licence!
  3. Chuck

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  4. alvaro84

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    Thanks, best wishes for the future riding :)
    On a sidenote, I don't have a licence for cars and I feel that I don't need any (yet?), but if someone wanted to give me one, I'd most probably choose an Insight. A red one, I think. I'm curious what could I achieve with a hybrid.

    Hm, next thing on my todo list: a sig. I made a complete, long gaslog for Teresa, I just have to link that cute little picture. And I don't know what the heck that 'elite' status is, but it's not bad for ego boosting :D
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  5. Chuck

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    On a 5-speed Insight (in l/100km)

    • 4.7 starting out
    • 2.04 on my best run
    • 3.1-2.8 typically
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    Welcome to CleanMPG! Interesting pic and thanks for the description.
  7. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Hmmm... that best run looks delicious... and those streamlined things look pretty uncomfortable and I don't even know how to stop with such a... 2-wheeled... car? aeroplane? without falling :eek: I'm planning to play a bit with the windshields. Ciliegia has a much larger one, I'm pretty sure that it contributes in the worse FE (I think that 250cc V-twin has the potential to perform better than the 650cc single).
    Teresa's windshield is pretty streamline-shaped... and it directs the wind right on my helmet making it pretty noisy at higher speeds :D Seems to work pretty good though, I can't high-speed coast much better when I totally hide behind it (but I don't see the mirrors so I quit doing so). My hands are out in the 'storm', though, the handlebar is pretty wide, and I can't do much to it. The riding position is pretty comfortable on a CS.

    But at least, lately I tiptoe on the footopegs on highways to keep my feet out of the wind while holding Teresa's 'waist' tight with my knees to decrease the frontal area by a little bit (she's has pretty slim figure for a 650 - looks like a child next to a V-Strom :D). And I'm happy that I'm not fat nor tall... but I don't know how much it helps, I may go too slow to begin with (rarely exceed 90km/h(~56mph) lately but I cruise/coast under 80(<50mph) much more) :D Still, coasting over ~60km/h I rapidly lose speed so it may count a little :eyebrow:
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  8. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Now I entered some mileage data in the 'EPA' fields, though F650s don't really have that. BMW specifies fuel consumption rate at 90km/h and 120km/h. However, their average reflects pretty good what an 'average' F650 rider usually gets, or something similar. I don't know anything better for the time being...
    Now I'm only 'skilled', but at least it shows in my sig :D Interesting that I had to enter everything else in l/100km, but when I did the same with EPA fields my sig showed some 1800% (while displaying the MPG rates correctly!). So I had to enter the FE data in MPG :D
  9. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Hm. I'll have to look into that. I must have missed that field when I combed through the conversion routines last time.
  10. shiNIN

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    and now I'm here too... I don't want to open an own topic now, I don't even have a driving licence (I hope it will change in a few weeks).
    but I have a nice little motorbike with good FE. Alvaro wrote about her.

    he can't do that anymore unless for short periods when Teresa needs service.
    because Ciliegia is MINE and I will ride her soon...

    I must came because I wanted to write to the "you know you're a hypermiler if..." topic :p

    hypermiling is fun, I surely will use some technics just because it's logical (why to waste power unnecessarily? I dislike wasting resources... all kind of them. and I don't like to wait a lot before the traffic lights and gliding is fun...etc.), but... I don't think I wish to go slowly on the highway... (Alvaro is slower than trucks. he drafts them only when he wants to ride fast on the highway, in his own tempo he got better mpg results :p not a typical young motorbike user...)

    oh and hypermiling is logical and understandable. I had no difficulties with the terminology and the reason behind them. so I know enough about it and when I was on Teresa in the back seat (I hate that. I dunno how girls are able to sit behind someone and not ride their own bikes... well I wanted to get my own licence anyway), I noticed which methods Alvaro used and it was fun.

    hi people, I'll be around from now on.
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  11. msirach

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    Hi shiNIN,
    It's very nice to see you and alvaro84 on here. Now we now there are at least 2 hypermilers in Hungary!
    Do others practice hypermiling there also?
  12. shiNIN

    shiNIN Hedonist Beginner Biker

    I don't know about other hypermilers here... on forums we frequent people usually don't give a damn about FE and some even look down someone who rides slowly his/her bike... I don't know why. there are different kind of people, why to be intolerant? we won't ride our bikes as we like ignoring the traffic, of course...
    but here's every rider is so wild and cool and fast, who cares speed limits...
    and because of the most crazy hot headed ones who put themselves and others in danger, bike riders are somewhat unfamous and many think of death when hears about motorbike riding. in this country it's a more dangerous hobby than in contries with a higher driving moral (sorry if my too bad English comes into the way), but if someone rides in a mature, cautious, vigilant way, it must be much safer. and with time we become more and more skilled.
    as for me, I try to avoid our overcrowded capital... I rarely will need to cross it, I prefer pleasant cruising through nice lands... I bought my bike for touring. my workplace is only 4 miles from my place (a little too much though) and I have healthy legs... I would consider riding, at least now and then if I didn't fear my dear Ciliegia would be stolen from the street.
    how rotten thing, stealing a motorbike... but it happens so often.
  13. msirach

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    Motorcyclists in the USA also get a bad reputation at times. I haven't read anything about roads in Hungary or driving conditions. I have cousins from near Udine, Italy and he has told me of Slovenia/northern Italy driving which is probably similiar.
  14. shiNIN

    shiNIN Hedonist Beginner Biker

    we will check slovenian highways soon after I will got my license...

    we met some horrible roads in this country (even not important roads should be better, but there wasn't money or attention for those). freeways are usually very nice as they should be, though there are at least one with too narrow lanes.
    some roads of the capital has quality problems too. and it's so sweet when a road with a considerable traffic is an extreme narrow (one proper lane) one with pebbles on it... it may be rare but there's one near to our place.
    some country has it far worse, I know.
  15. alvaro84

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    Yup, poor Teresa needs service. I'll take her to the mechanic on Friday. Until then I save lot of gas because I just stay in the same town as my workplace, don't go home, just ride my bicycle and walk between my workplace and my mother's place (no ICE for a 4.5km (<3 mile) distance, of course)...

    I'm a bit disappointed, we had a trip to Ajkarendek last weekend and in the first segment it looked like I can keep up my FE even 2-up and packed... but now the clutch is pretty much dead, it just doesn't release no matter how strong I hold it or how much I adjust it... I have to investigate if it's in connection with the coasting I do recently, I hope not and it would be way too soon, I've been doing it for only the last 2000km or so... if it's caused by the coasting, then well, I won't be happy and have to consider some kind of mods to take care of this problem...
  16. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Update (~10000kms in my mileage log since my last post in this topic):

    - I refined P&G style travel with Teresa, once I even got 2.38l/100km, but I don't use heavy P&G lately. For some reason I feel that doing it constantly is not that good idea. I'm sticking to NICE-On coasting when I want to lose speed and often FAS before stops.
    - Got a long, snowy winter, couldn't get regularly back on bike until mid-march... not too typical in Hungary lately. My average was clearly better than last winter period, though.
    - We moved to a village (Vértesacsa), making my commute significantly shorter. It's now 25-27 km one way instead of 60-62. And it's a nice twisty road, not that boring freeway - I don't need P&G to keep me awake after night shifts and it's better to concentrate on the road (and the critters...) instead of the instrument panel... it seems that I CAN maintain under 3l/100km at the 'bottom of 5th' (70-80km/h), seasoned with some coasting and 4th gear in the villages/town.
    - Teresa has new tires and new drive belt - fuel cost looks almost negligible compared to general maintenance...
    - Got better with Ciliegia (Hyosung GV250) too, highway P&G is kind of unusable with her, going slower is welcome. Could get under 3l/100km (even 2-up) when we rode much on wavy backroads at 50-60km/h...
    - Recent long distance trips with freeways made my average worse. 130km/h is way too much to be really efficient, I know... even though it's not compulsory to go that fast, we were tired (with a VERY good, erm, BAD reason) those trips and wanted to get home. Sorry, Earth, we'll have a few more of these in the upcoming months :(
    - And I skipped the 48-hour castle tour, for the very same reason :( The 'winner' (in my eyes) rode another F650, a GS, and got a 3.08l/100km average. I could have beat him!

    And some good news too: some of us formed a whole Touhou division at the last SakuraCon at Budapest. It was my first time really cosplaying a female character :Banane09:
    So more freak images for you all:


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  17. Chuck

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    For a moment I saw just one rabbit ear and was reminded of this comic strip

  18. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    I've been watching your sig for a while - did you know that Mima is also a Touhou character? :D
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    Doesn't look like you have gained youkai yet. :eek:
  20. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Yesterday's news: I felt an impulse to experiment with E85. It was not that sudden, I've been thinking about since day one, but had doubts about it.
    So yesterday back from work I visited the next Agip station close to my workplace (many of their gas stations have E85 lately) and filled 5l of it and 2.5l of the normal 95 gasoline. Counting the leftover of my last tank, now I had ~50% E85 (and ~50% ~E5, to be precise).

    Well, Teresa is not an alcoholist. She hated the mixture so much that the engine kept stalling... I turned back and filled 5l more 95 gas. Now it's one third of E85 and she does not stall anymore but needs load not to surge... time for some P&G...
    And I won't experiment with E85 anymore. Not without extra electronics, at least (and I'm not that eager to buy any, those are pretty expensive). I'm a bit curious what kind of average I can get out of this much ethanol, but next time I'll fill the usual carrera95 at my usual station...

    edit: what's the problem with my youkainess? :confused:
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